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Automation Tool unlocks a much more efficient way to work in your workspace.

Automation tools will give you the power to get stuff done without being able to do any manual work. These tools will help enhance whatever slows you down.

You can allot more time to focus on more things rather than waste time on tasks that can easily be automated.

Apps like Zapier can link different apps and services with each other so that you can create a more intelligent workflow and help save a lot of time.

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is one of the best alternatives to Zapier that you can find in the market today. Zapier is one of the most popular automation tools in the market.

Pabbly connect is an automation tool used to create workflows for integrating your favourite application and services without much manual efforts.

Pabbly Connect is a very financially viable and apt application for the automation setup compared to other automation tools available in the market today.

It takes less than five minutes to set up Pabbly Connect. All you need to do is to create the workflow, select the application to integrate and then begin with the automation.

Anyone can create automated tasks without having any technical knowledge.

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect offers four pricing plans that are based on the number of tasks/operations that includes:

- Starter – The minimum price for the service is $9, in which you get 12,000 tasks per month with all the features like unlimited workflow, instant triggers, multi-step calls, formatters, etc.

- Rookie – Pay $29 per month for 50,000 tasks and get all the above features.

- Pro – Buy this plan at $37 per month and get 60,000 tasks.

- Advanced – The pricing of this plan starts from $57/month and goes $3000/month, in which you get 80,000 to 9,000,000 tasks.

A Quick Comparison Between Best Zapier Alternatives

1. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is one of the best Zapier alternative available in the market today. The main aim of Pabbly Connect is to save user’s time and effort by automating all your workflows.

It is the only platform which allows to access all the features of the automation tool even in the basic plan without any restrictions.

With Pabbly Connect you can boost the productivity of the company in all aspects by creating automated workflows by connecting the apps the company uses and services based on the needs.

Pabbly connect also allows the transfer of data between various apps by creating simple workflows with conditional logic, filters, formatters and more.

Pabbly Connect allows to easily streamline automated email, social campaigns, sales processes, and set up cross-functional internal workflows with bundle of triggers, actions, and scheduler within a matter of minutes.

Apart from this, Pabbly Connect supports all the automate marketing sales, payment, eCommerce, CRM,and business processes. Pabbly Connect is extremely quick to set up, with a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface.


• Apps Integration – Pabbly Connect integrates with many apps and services. It also provides JSON, XML, HTML, FormData, Encoded form, and plain text for direct integration of apps. So that you can connect to almost any web service, depending upon the application’s API.

• Unlimited Premium Apps – Connections to all apps and services are included in the basic Pabbly Connect plan like Facebook Lead Ads, Google Sheets, Gmail, LinkedIn, Stripe, WordPress, Chargebee, Facebook Custom AudienceGravity Forms, etc.

• Filters – Using the filter option, you can create complex workflows and apply the “If/Else” condition in your workflow. Besides this, you can also define the conditional or comparison functions such as Does not equal to, Contains String, Does not exist, Is Exist, and so on.

• Scheduler – This gives you the ability to perform a particular action at regular time intervals like specified date, day, or time.

• Formatters – Quickly find the exact Excel functions such as numbers, dates, text, currency, percentage, aggregate, etc., and convert them into different formats.

• Path Router – Pabbly Connect has a path router that can split the actions into multiple paths for a single trigger so that you can perform several operations, set up filters, and direct your data to different streams based on the conditions you add.


Pabbly Connect offers 4 pricing plans that are based on the number of t asks/operations that includes:

• Starter – The minimum price for the service is $9 in which you get 12,000 tasks per month with all the features like unlimited workflow, instant triggers etc

• Rookie – Pay $29 per month for 50,000 tasks and get all the above-mentioned features.

• Pro – Buy this plan at the cost of $37 per month and get 60,000 tasks.

• Advanced – The pricing of this plan starts from $57/month and goes $3000/month in which you get 80,000 to 9,000,000 tasks.

2. LeadsBridge – Automation Software

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to enhance their omnichannel strategy which will help to improve the movement of business data.

It helps to satisfy the integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between various platforms and sales funnels and this helps to deliver the integrations that will orchestrate the business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform can be used for companies that want to automated their advertising activities by including the marketing technology stack with Ads of Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

The LeadsBridge allows to include 370+ integrations and that help you connect the chosen software to your advertising platform which helps to automate your marketing workflows.


• Lead Sync- With LeadsBridge, you can automatically synchronize leads from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead Form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with your favorite CRM, and Email Marketing software.

• Platform to Platform- With LeadsBridge Platform to Platform technology, you can connect the company’s platforms through LeadsBridge to make teams more effective and get rid of data silo issues

• Audience Targeting- Thanks to Audience Targeting, you will be able to automatically create the best audiences by syncing the CRM segments, email marketing contacts, or customer lists with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, always being compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws.

• Tailor-Made integration- Provides tailored integrations for complex workflows. This is suitable for companies with unique needs that are not available on the integration list.

LeadsBridge helps to integrate custom or internal CRM for such companies.

• Online to Offline Tracking- This tool allows you to track your offline transactions and understand the performance of online campaigns.

LeadsBridge offers this service on Facebook through Facebook Conversion API and on Google by using Google Offline Conversions.

• eCommerce Synchronization- It allows eCommerce companies to sync contacts and orders between your eCommerce tool and the most used advertising platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Pricing LeadsBridge offers a free 7-day trial with four paid plans billed monthly or annually, starting at $29 for the self-service platform with real-time LeadSync and 1.5k leads/mo, up to Enterprise accounts starting at $699 per month with Custom Volumes.

3. Integromat – Automation Software Integromat is an affordable Zapier competitor. It gives you the ability to automate processes which take too much time and manpower to transfer and transform data.

It has the ability to connect multiple applications and services without having any prior programming skills. You can create simple automated tasks with multiple integrations.


• You can view the detailed information about each & every workflow like what data was processed and when it was processed. Besides, you can also turn the logging off if you don’t want to store any transmitted data.

• Integromat allows you to decide the starting point to begin processing your data from the past or from after activation.

• Use custom logics & filters to deal with unexpected exceptions, effectively. You can handle any exception by applying special commands or instructions during execution.

• It comes with the most commonly used Excel functions like text, numbers, dates, lists, to sum up, some values, find out aggregate and percentage, etc.

• Easily duplicate the processed data with its built-in routers. Using this, you can divide the scenario into various routes for processing the data differently within each route.

Pricing • Free – As you register you get 1,000 operations and 100MB to transfer the data for free which you can use instantly.

• Basic – The minimum price for the service $9 per month in which you get 10,000 operations and 1 GB data.

• Standard – Buy Standard plan at the cost of $29 per month and get 40,000 operations with 20 GB data.

• Business – $99 per month for 150,000 operations and 70 GB data.

• Platinum – $299/month in which you get 800,000 operations and 220 GB data.

• Custom – If you need more then 800,000+ operations contact Integromat sales team for pricing details.

4. – Versatile Zapier Alternative is an alternative to Zapier which is used to integrate various cloud based applications to automate marketing, sales and business activities.

You will be able to create workflows which is called Bots and sync data between apps without having the need to do any sorts of coding.

You can also send automated emails, monitor lead generation and also manage social media campaigns.

Features • Compared to Zapier, allows you to run three times more automated tasks per month.

• Connect all leading cloud and SaaS applications using its Webhooks/Rest API.

• Save your time and efforts with its drag-drop functionality, automated data sync, configurable actions, and much more.

• User-defined trigger events, business process automation, multiple data resources, automatic form filling, etc.

• has tremendous list of automated app integrations like Facebook lead ads, Salesforce, Zendesk, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

Pricing • Free – You get free trial of the paid membership with 250 actions per month and 5 bots.

• Startup – $49/month in which you get 10,000 actions/month and 50 bots.

• Growth – Get 30,000 actions and 100 bots at the pricing of $99 per month.

• Business – Pay $199 per month for 100,000 actions and 200 bots

• Enterprise – With this plan, get 500,000 actions and unlimited bots. Apart from this, you’ll get all the advance feature of such as multi-action bots, premium apps, auto-retry, excess actions, data controls, and team account at $399 per month.

5. Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is also an alternative to Zapier which automated workflow tasks between various apps and services.

It helps to build secure workflows with cloud based data loss prevention, identity and access management services.

Additionally, it also has a lot of templated which you can immediately implement to start your automation work like syncing of files, collection of data etc.

Features • Microsoft Flow has designed thousands of templates for sales, marketing, teaching, social media, email, etc., to help you quickly set up automation.

• It checks your apps for new information every 15 minutes and then runs automated flows if appropriate.

• You can monitor and manage your workflows from anywhere with Microsoft Flow mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows

• Customizable & conditional flows, on-premise & cloud integrations, data filtering, and monitoring.

Pricing Microsoft Flow gives free and two paid plans, according to the individual users and implementation flows

• Per User Plan – You can create unlimited flows according to your needs at the pricing of $15 per user per month.

• Per User Plan with Attended RPA – Along with unlimited flows, you can automate the legacy applications via API & RPA at $44 per month per user.

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal

The best part about Pabbly Connect is that it offers a Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal which means you pretty much get Lifetime service from Pabbly Connect, making it a much more financially viable option.

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that helps the user-created create automated workflows and transfers the data between your favourite apps and services without any manual efforts.

Features of Pabbly Connect

• Automate your tasks

Pabbly Connect allows you to create various workflows. In these workflows, you can select the apps that you need to be automated or need transfer the data from.

This makes it much more efficient and accurate and helps you save a lot of time.

You do not need additional staff to do these manual tasks, which also helps the company save money.

• Sending emails

Pabbly Connect allows you to set up automated emails sent to your customers when the customer completes a new purchase and so on. This makes the experience for the customer much more informative and valuable.

• Seamless integration

Pabbly Connect supports almost all the popular apps for CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing, Helpdesk, Payments, Collaborations, Web forms, and so much more, making it a very suitable automation tool for your business.

• Unlimited number of workflows

The best feature about Pabbly is that there is no limit to the number of automation workflows that you can integrate and implement.

They offer such pricing that allows an unlimited number of automation workflows which makes it very worth the price that is being spent.

• Pabbly Connect Integration

Pabbly Connect can be easily integrated with 300+ applications. It supports all the popular apps for:

o Marketing


o E-Commerce

o Helpdesk

o Payments

o Web forms

o Collaboration

• Multi-step integration

Pabbly Connect support multi-step integrations, which means you can set up the same singular action for different triggers.

Let us understand this better with an example, when a payment is made on Stripe or WooCommerce, we send the customer an email using MailChimp.

We then add the same customer email to the company CRM for follow-up, and lastly, get an SMS on the mobile phone once this is done. All this can be automated from the single action of the purchase.

Is Pabbly connect right for your business?

Pabbly Connect is extremely quick to set up, with a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface. You can easily streamline sales processes, automated email, social campaigns and set up

cross-functional internal workflows with a bundle of triggers, actions, and scheduler within a matter of minutes.

It offers a Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal which means you pretty much get Lifetime service from Pabbly Connect, making it a much more financially viable option.

My Recommendation

Considering that I tried and tested all the above-mentioned automation tools, I can summarize that taking all aspects into account, Pabbly Connect is the best automation

tool there is. The Pabbly Connect Lifetime service is a great deal to take up as a one-off payment will give you the services for life. If you are looking for functionality to come at

a cheaper price without sacrificing on efficiency then Pabbly Connect is the option for you.

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