Stable is an innovative platform that empowers users to craft personalized skins for their favorite video games effortlessly, all through a straightforward text prompt.

With a wide array of pricing tiers, including the Noob, Hobbyist, Gamer, and Pro plans, users can access varying numbers of free and additional skin generations at competitive rates.

The Noob plan is complimentary, while the subsequent plans offer 5 free skin generations and 50, 100, or 250 additional skin generations at nominal rates.

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Stable Diffusion prompts

The Stable Diffusion Anime Prompt Generator is a free AI tool that uses deep learning to generate anime visuals based on text descriptions. It follows a stable and methodical approach to translating text inputs into vivid and detailed images. The tool’s primary function is to generate intricate images based on text descriptions, but it also has capabilities in inpainting and outpainting tasks, allowing it to fill in missing parts of an image or extend existing content. Additionally, it can perform image-to-image translations guided by a text prompt, generating new images based on given images and additional textual information. The source code and model weights of the Stable Diffusion Anime Prompt Generator are publicly available, making it accessible to users and developers worldwide.

It has been optimized to run on most consumer hardware, typically requiring a modest GPU with at least 8 GB VRAM. With its ability to transform words into compelling visual narratives, this tool blends the realms of art and technology. Users can generate anime prompts, explore the generated prompts, and discover unique and interesting concepts for anime projects, character designs, or storytelling endeavors. The generated prompts can be used as creative sparks for one’s own anime projects. Users can access the tool through the script on their local computer or a web-based interface that hosts the Stable Diffusion model.

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ThinkDiffusion is a Stable Diffusion UI tool that allows users to harness the power of Stable Diffusion in the cloud. It offers a hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for coding or setup, allowing users to access results quickly. The tool is accessible on any browser and device, without the requirement of a high-end GPU.

ThinkDiffusion provides an advanced user interface for Stable Diffusion, offering top-tier models and instant access to popular extensions such as Control Net and Civitai’s models. Users can access these capabilities 24/7, enabling them to work on their creations anytime and from anywhere.

With ThinkDiffusion, users can focus on their creative process as it takes care of troubleshooting errors, saving time and effort. The tool also provides tutorials for different applications, including character posing, creating trippy animations, generating creative QR codes, sketching ideas, infinite zooming, and AI typography. This allows users to explore various possibilities and unleash their creative freedom.

ThinkDiffusion is committed to user privacy and offers flexible pricing options. The tool utilizes essential cookies to ensure the website’s functionality and may employ non-essential cookies to enhance user experience and analyze website traffic. Users have the option to manage their cookie preferences at any time.

ThinkDiffusion is a powerful and user-friendly tool that enables users to unleash their creativity and leverage Stable Diffusion technology without the need for technical expertise or time-consuming setup.

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SDXL emoji

The SDXL emoji tool is an AI model fine-tuned using Apple Emojis as a basis. It is accessible through an API on the Replicate platform. This tool enables users to generate and manipulate images based on input prompts and parameters.

Users can input a TOK emoji of a man and provide a negative prompt for further customization. They also have the option to upload images or provide a mask to define specific areas of the image for preservation or inpainting. Width, height, and the number of output images can be specified.

The tool offers various solvers and scheduling options for denoising and refining the image, including Multistep, Heun, Discrete Karras, DPM, K_EULER_ANCESTRAL, and K_EULER. Users can adjust the guidance scale for classifier-free guidance and set a prompt strength for the img2img and inpaint features. Customization of the random seed is also possible.

Additional features include selecting a specific refine style, controlling the level of noise with the expert ensemble refiner, and setting the number of refining steps with the base_image_refiner. Users can apply a watermark to their generated images as well.

The model generates output within approximately 15.18 seconds and provides the option to download the generated image or view examples from the model. The predictions run on Nvidia A40 (Large) GPU hardware, and the tool operates on the Replicate platform.

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Mind Video

Mind-Video is an AI tool that reconstructs high-quality videos from brain activity captured through continuous functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. It builds upon the previous fMRI-Image reconstruction work called Mind-Vis and addresses the challenge of recovering continuous visual experiences in the form of videos from non-invasive brain recordings.

The tool employs a two-module pipeline that bridges the gap between image and video brain decoding. The first module focuses on learning general visual fMRI features through large-scale unsupervised learning with masked brain modeling and spatiotemporal attention. It then distills semantic-related features using multimodal contrastive learning with an annotated dataset.

In the second module, the learned features are fine-tuned through co-training with an augmented stable diffusion model, specifically designed for video generation guided by fMRI data. The tool’s contribution lies in its flexible and adaptable pipeline, consisting of an fMRI encoder and an augmented stable diffusion model trained separately and finetuned together. It employs a progressive learning scheme that enables the encoder to learn brain features through multiple stages.

The resulting videos generated by Mind-Video demonstrate high semantic accuracy, including motions and scene dynamics, surpassing previous state-of-the-art approaches. Attention analysis of the transformers decoding fMRI data reveals the dominance of the visual cortex in processing visual spatiotemporal information and the hierarchical nature of the encoder’s layers in extracting structural and abstract visual features. The fMRI encoder also shows progressive improvement in assimilating more nuanced semantic information throughout its training stages.

Mind-Video utilizes data from the Human Connectome Project and acknowledges the contributions of collaborators and supporters in its development.

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StableDiffusion.vercel is a Next.js template available on GitHub that utilizes cutting-edge AI capabilities to generate images based on user-input prompts. With its emphasis on stability and reliability, this tool ensures consistent image generation without compromising on quality. Powered by Banana Logo, a prominent AI platform, StableDiffusion.vercel leverages sophisticated deep learning techniques to effectively create high-quality visuals.

By utilizing Next.js, an intuitive and versatile JavaScript framework, StableDiffusion.vercel offers a robust and efficient development environment for creating interactive and dynamic web applications. This template provides developers with access to the source code, allowing them to explore, modify, and customize the template to suit their specific requirements. It enables seamless integration with existing projects, offering flexibility and adaptability to developers seeking to leverage AI image generation capabilities.

StableDiffusion.vercel is a valuable resource for those looking to incorporate AI-generated images into their applications. It presents an opportunity to enhance user experiences with engaging visuals, whether used for creative designs, data visualization, or other purposes. This tool empowers developers to leverage the potential of AI in generating compelling and context-aware images.

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AI Runner with Stable Diffusion | AI Art Editor by Capsize Games is a downloadable tool for Windows and Linux that allows users to generate AI art using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models directly on their own hardware. The tool offers flexible prompts and weighting options using compel and automatic style prompt weighting, as well as support for various model types and formats such as diffusers, safe tensors, and ckpt. Users can customize metadata import/export options, control the grid size, line width, and color, and use drawing tools to transform sketches into art.

Additional features include infinite scrolling canvas, outpainting for creating large-scale artwork, image batch generation and interpolation, image filters for creative effects, and a toggle for NSFW filter. The tool is designed for easy setup and installation, with fast image generation using GPU acceleration, though CPU image generation is also supported. AI Runner is actively developed with regular updates.

The tool requires a Cuda capable GPU (2080s or higher recommended), 8GB of system RAM (16GB recommended), and 6GB of VRAM (8GB recommended for all features). It also requires approximately 5.8GB of disk space to install, with additional space needed for custom models.

Overall, AI Runner with Stable Diffusion | AI Art Editor provides a user-friendly interface and powerful features for generating AI art using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models on users’ own hardware.

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AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion web UI is a powerful AI tool hosted on GitHub that aims to enhance software development workflows. With a wide array of features and functionalities, this tool provides users with the ability to contribute to and manage the stable-diffusion-webui project efficiently.

One of the standout features of this tool is its comprehensive code management capabilities. Users can easily navigate and explore the codebase, examine different branches and tags, and clone the repository using HTTPS or GitHub CLI. This functionality ensures seamless code management and version control.

The issue tracking system offered by AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion web UI is another valuable feature. Users can create, manage, and discuss issues related to the project, fostering effective collaboration and problem-solving. This feature streamlines issue management and facilitates efficient communication among contributors.

In addition to code management and issue tracking, the tool also promotes code collaboration. Users can engage in discussions with other contributors through the platform, enabling effective collaboration beyond the code itself. This feature encourages knowledge sharing and teamwork among developers.

AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion web UI also offers automation capabilities through its Actions feature. Users can automate workflows by defining actions triggered by specific events or conditions. This functionality saves time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining the development process.

Security is a top priority for AUTOMATIC1111, and the Stable Diffusion web UI includes built-in security features. Users can leverage these features to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in the code, ensuring the project’s integrity and reliability.

To facilitate learning and understanding, the tool provides access to project documentation. Users can easily access and refer to the documentation to gain insights into the stable-diffusion-webui project, enabling them to make informed contributions.

Overall, AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion web UI on GitHub offers a comprehensive platform for collaborative software development. With its diverse range of features, including code management, issue tracking, collaboration, automation, security, and documentation, this tool empowers developers to streamline their workflows and enhance the efficiency of their software development processes.

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Dreamer: AI Art Generator

Dreamer: AI Art Generator is a mobile application that offers users the opportunity to create unique and mesmerizing visual art pieces using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. With Dreamer, users can input a description of an idea or upload an image, select from a diverse range of art styles such as AI manga filters or photorealistic imagery, and watch as AI generates stunning wallpapers, images, paintings, and digital masterpieces with artistic controls.

The app offers a continuously expanding art library with new styles updated regularly for fresh interpretations of creative aspirations. Dreamer lets users personalize their environment with tailor-made AI-generated art that seamlessly integrates into their living space or home décor. It also allows users to craft wallpapers of their dream and delve into similar art designs crafted by other users.

Users can showcase their creations by sharing them directly from the app to various social media platforms. The app emphasizes the ease of creating truly unique artwork with minimal requirements beyond users’ ideas as the app provides a paintbrush that brings their artwork to life. Dreamer AI Art Generator is updated regularly, and the developer provides detailed information on data privacy and security practices.

Similar apps include AI Inspire, Dream AI Art Generator, starryai, Celeb video, IRMO – AI Avatar Dream Studio, and AKAFI.ART.

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Minister AI is an AI drawing tool that allows users to create stunning artwork instantly with just one click. It offers a large number of stable diffusion AI art models, some of which are provided officially while others are shared on the platform by users, all of which are free to use and download. Built on the stable diffusion framework, this AI tool is unique, accurate, and efficient, supporting the use of multiple models and presenting artwork in various styles. provides users with the ability to train personalized models or share excellent models with community users. This feature enables users to create artwork in their preferred style and share it amongst other members of the community. Additionally, the tool supports cloud model execution, making it easy to access from any device. is user-friendly and offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for creating AI artwork. Users can access the tool through various channels such as their Twitter, Discord, and Email. The tool comes with Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy that govern the use and sharing of artwork and other user data. With its unique and efficient features, is ideal for artists and designers looking to create impressive AI artwork in a matter of seconds.

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