The 5 Best keyboards: Every Gamer Wants

Keyboard is the most essential part of PC gaming. You cannot imagine playing 2017 releases without a good gaming keyboard for company. It is that important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that always completes the picture. If you think, picking out the right keyboard is a do-or-die situation, you are right. Unless you pick the right keyboard, you are likely to die in some ORPG.

You can be into Overwatch, Counterstrike or CoD, there 5 keyboards can easily save your day –

  1. Corsair’s K70 RGB Rapidfire

It is all about speed and precision. This is a backlit masterpiece that actuates at 1.2mm with a light actuation force of 45g. The feel is like that of a Cherry MX Reds. The new Corsair’s K70 RGB Rapidfire also comes with a tenkeyless version. This is the K65 RGB. This one is ideal for LAN parties. The lighting is customizable and keys are programmable.

2.SteelSeries Apex M800 deals

The SteelSeries Apex M800 deals is a wired keyboard with programmable keys. This one uses low travel RGB Macro keys. It is hailed as the fastest keyboard in the west. This one may get a little time to get used to because of its plasticky build.

It has a QS1 Keyswitch that makes the keyboard extremely responsive. The linear nature and low travel reminds us of the Cherry MX Reds once again. However, the SteelSeries Apex M800 deals requires much less effort for typing.

3.Logitech G810

This is a keyboard with a strong purpose. This is the successor of the Orion Spark G910. The Logitech G810 has Romer G switches from Logitech. It has a faster feel and a sleeker appeal. The G810 is a gamer focused keyboard targeted at young gamers who take gaming seriously. If you are bored with garish layouts and ridiculous light effects, the Logitech G810 might be a surprising change.

4.Division Zero X40

The Division Zero X40 is a wired keyword specially designed for the aspiring gamers. This one has a thick top covering the clicky or silent keys. There is no volume wheel. It is a part of the new Division Zero gaming lineup. Das utilizes the custom Alpha-Zulu switches that again remind us of Cherry MX Reds.

The X40 has thick aluminum panels that makes it one of the strongest keyboards of the west. It can take good pounding that is obvious during an intense tournament or marathon.

5.Cherry MX Board 6.0

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 is described as an all-metal beauty that is slender yet powerful. This low-profile design comes with Cherry MX Red’s switches. It is Cherry’s flagship model that blends simplicity with power.

The Cherry keys have a faster response time. The keys are close together. That makes them ideal for typing as well. It has a blood red backlighting that is perfect for a devilishly powerful gameplay. Finally, we have it, a mechanical keyboard that is perfect for office too.

This lists the dream keyboards of many professional gamers from around the world. Owning at least one of these will change the future of your gaming career.

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