Which 9 Free AI Detector Tools Are Terrifyingly Accurate?

Discover 9 free AI detector tools that catch everything.  These are scarily accurate and you need to see them!

9. OpenAI GPT-3 Detector

OpenAI offers a free tool to detect text generated by GPT-3, helping users discern between human and AI-created content with accuracy.

8. Copyleaks AI

Copyleaks provides a free AI content detection tool that identifies AI-generated text, ensuring content authenticity and originality.

7. GPTZero

GPTZero is a popular free tool designed to detect AI-generated content, particularly from models like GPT-3, making it ideal for educational and professional use.

6. Writer.com

Writer.com offers a free AI content detection feature within its suite, helping users identify AI-generated text in business communications and documents.

5. Crossplag

Crossplag provides a free tool that checks for AI-generated content, ensuring that academic and professional writing maintains high integrity standards.

4. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is a free tool specifically designed to detect GPT-generated content, offering a straightforward interface for quick and easy text verification.


GLTR is a free tool that uses visual analysis to detect AI-generated text, providing users with a unique approach to content verification.

2. Hugging Face

Hugging Face offers a free AI detector tool that helps users identify text generated by OpenAI models, ensuring content credibility.

1. Content at Scale

Content at Scale provides a free AI content detector that checks text for AI-generated patterns, making it suitable for various use cases, including academic and professional writing.