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Zapier Vs Pabbly Connect

Automation Tool unlocks a much more efficient way to work in your workspace.

Automation tools will give you the power to get stuff done without being able to do any manual work. These tools will help enhance whatever slows you down.

You can allot more time to focus on more things rather than waste time on tasks that can easily be automated.

Apps like Zapier can link different apps and services with each other so that you can create a more intelligent workflow and help save a lot of time.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that is used to automate workflows by connecting the apps and services your business operates.

The Zapier tool allows you to automate the tasks with no need to build the integration by yourself.

For example, let us consider that you want to send a customized tweet right after publishing a post – Zapier can do this automatically.

The custom aspect of the tweet can be set up by you during the setup, and the tweets will be automatic but will seem custom. The Zapier platform support over 2000+ destinations other than Twitter which makes it very independent.

What you can do is create Zaps which is an automated workflow that consists of trigger actions. When you set up and activate a new Zap, it will run a set of actions every time that a trigger that is set up occurs.

Considering the previous example, let us say you set up a zap for a custom tweet that goes out for every post that you publish.

In this case, when publishing a position which is the trigger event, and the custom tweet is the automated action that follows it.

Zapier: Top Features and Benefits

Zapier can be considered your friend of automation, and it connects your everyday applications, which remove some of the wasted time on manual work, which can be easily automated.

• Zapier can save a ton of time.

Most companies operate using a whole range of manual tasks with staff members working on various apps, which is very inefficient in this day and age of easy automation.

Using the Zapier tool, you can connect apps and pass the data automatically, saving not only time but also the paid labour on the staff.

The most important aspect is the elimination of human error too. You can set up workflow automation to run in Zapier from all sorts of events like receiving an email, updating a CRM record etc.

• Zapier means no more missed calls.

Zapier is very useful for setting up handy reminders for calls, meetings and other appointments that you do not want to miss.

Zapier pretty much connects and synchronizes with your calendar app and send you notifications by email, Slack and SMS.

Before Zapier had automated this workflow, many tasks fell through the cracks, either forgotten or not assigned to a specific person.

• Zapier will help in scaling your business.

Growing a business can be a challenge, especially when people are spending more time on administrative tasks rather than the actual scalability tasks that should be done.

By using Zapier and streamlining the process to automate them, you will be able to free a lot of time of the staff and focus more on the core activities of the company.

• Zapier helps you get more testimonials.

Testimonials and reviews are essential for new businesses to grow because nothing makes new customers happier to work with your company if it has a ton of positive reviews and testimonials.

Using an automated workflow on Zapier at the end of the project or selling a product will make it easier to gain reviews.

You can set up a sequence of emails using Zapier to make the review request, followups and remind the customer to drop a positive review. This can include your Google business page, social media handles and so on.

• Zapier will streamline your customer onboarding.

After completing a sale, usually, it follows a ton of tasks to get the new customer set up on various systems and send them the different information about how you work with them.

This takes up a lot of time, but it can ease up using Zapier and from calendar management, updating CRM, sending emails, setting up Zoom meetings. You won't ever

skip a step of the process, and it will help you save a ton of time and ease the mind because the data will always be accurate.

• Manual administration can be replaced.

Being mindful and focused is critical for every administrative task; automating this would be much more efficient and accessible.

It makes it even more accurate than human administration. Tracking all your admin tasks will highlight areas that Zapier can help with, and is time well spent, investing in your business to make it more efficient.

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly connects the best alternatives to Zapier that you can find in the market today. The best part about Pabbly Connect is that it offers a Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal

which means you pretty much get Lifetime service from Pabbly Connect, making it a much more financially viable option.

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that helps the user-created create automated workflows and transfers the data between your favourite apps and services without any manual efforts.

You can easily create a new workflow by picking a trigger and tweaking it based on your requirements by adding filters, actions and field maps.

Features of Pabbly Connect

• Automate your tasks Pabbly Connect allows you to create various workflows. In these workflows, you can select the apps that you need to be automated or need transfer the data from.

This makes it much more efficient and accurate and helps you save a lot of time. You do not need additional staff to do these manual tasks, which also helps the company save money.

• Seamless integration

Pabbly Connect supports almost all the popular apps for CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing, Helpdesk, Payments, Collaborations, Web forms, and so much more, making it a very suitable automation tool for your business.

• Sending emails

Pabbly Connect allows you to set up automated emails sent to your customers when the customer completes a new purchase and so on.

This makes the experience for the customer much more informative and valuable.

• Multi-step integration

Pabbly Connect support multi-step integrations, which means you can set up the same singular action for different triggers.

Let us understand this better with an example, when a payment is made on Stripe or WooCommerce, we send the customer an email using MailChimp. We then add the

same customer email to the company CRM for follow-up, and lastly, get an SMS on the mobile phone once this is done. All this can be automated from the single action of the purchase.

• Unlimited number of workflows

The best feature about Pabbly is that there is no limit to the number of automation workflows that you can integrate and implement. They offer such pricing that allows an unlimited number of automation workflows which makes it very worth the price that is being spent.

• Pabbly Connect Integration

Pabbly Connect can be easily integrated with 300+ applications. It supports all the popular apps for:

o Marketing o CRM o E-Commerce o Helpdesk o Payments o Web forms o Collaboration

And from my use, I saw the response rate go from about 4% to about 10% when we used text and the voicemail feature.

Woodpecker and Mailchimp already have text and voicemail marketing automation built-in.

To add text and voicemail marketing automation, you would need to use two more services (on top of Woodpecker and Mailchimp), which would cost an extra $200 per month.

On top of that, we'd also need to use Zapier to connect and make it all work together. This is too much effort.

In GoHighlevel, you can easily add about 100-200 highly qualified leads to your funnel every week. This will help you set up between 10-20 client appointments.

The clients who don't sign up can be put in a "nurture sequence." This way, you can stay in touch with them and give them value too.

The leads that do close, can get an onboarding sequence (automated) that gives you access to the typical things an agency would need (Google Analytics and FB accounts and so on).

Pabbly Connect's premium features:

• Unlimited Workflows

• Formatters

• Instant Triggers

• Filters

• Multi-step Calls

• Path Routers

• Unlimited Premium Apps

• Minute Interval

Zapier Vs Pabbly Connect: Differences Between the Two

Both the tools are very well known in the automation market and make life much easier. The main difference between Zapier and Pebbly Connect is the factor of pricing and the

services they offer. But in reality, the much better option is Pebbly, as it lets you do more for a very effective price. Pabbly Connect’s main aim is to save users time and effort by automating all your workflows.

It is the only platform that allows you to access all the features even in the basic plan without any restrictions.

Key benefits of using Zapier

- Easily automate work without writing any code

- Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on work that matters

- Connect all the software you rely on with 3,000+ ready-to-use integrations

- Anyone can build custom automation solutions in minutes, using the apps they work in every day

- Get 24/7 help from a team of experts who understand small business automation

- Hire an expert to get tailored automation built for you

- Use pre-built workflows from Zapier, our experts, and your co-workers, so you can solve problems fast without reinventing the wheel

- Create custom workflows that fit the way you work, using the apps that are integral to your business

- The most integrations of any automation platform, with dozens of new integrations and improvements added every month

- Automation that happens in the background without your intervention

- Flexible logic features and filters that let you customize your automation, so it works exactly the way you need it to.

The best aspect is the Pebbly lifetime deal which is a one-time payment of $149 that has a ton of benefits.

• Up to 300 work tasks per month

• Zero limitation of workflows

• Swift webhooks

• Unlimited number of premium apps

• Path routers

• Scheduling and Delaying

• Multistep calls

• Email parser and data forwarder

• Formatters

• Filters

Pabbly Connect is extremely quick to set up, with a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface.

You can easily streamline sales processes, automated email, social campaigns and set up cross-functional internal workflows with a bundle of triggers, actions, and scheduler within a matter of minutes.

Pricing of Zapier

Free - $0 per month

Anyone can automate their work. Start with the basics.

- 5 Zaps

- Zaps run every 15 Minutes

- 100 Tasks/month (extra tasks are usage-based)

- Single-step Zaps

Starter - $19.99 per month

Unleash the power of automation with the Starter Pack.

- 20 Zaps

- Zaps run every 15 Minutes

- 750 Tasks/month (extra tasks are usage-based)

- Premium Apps

- Multi-Step Zaps

Professional - $49 per month

- You have advanced professional tools to take your work to the next level.

- Unlimited Zaps

- Zaps run every 2 Minutes

- 2,000 Tasks/month (extra tasks are usage-based)

- All Starter Features

- Unlimited Premium Apps

- Custom Logic - Paths

- Auto Replay

Team - $299 per month

Bring your team together to collaborate on automation.

- Unlimited Zaps

- Zaps run every 1 Minute

- 50,000 Tasks/month (extra tasks are usage-based)

- All Professional Features

- Unlimited Users

- Folder Permissions

- Premier Support

- Shared App Connections

- Shared Workspace

Company - $599 per month

Automation plus enterprise-grade features.

- Unlimited Zaps

- Zaps run every 1 Minute

- 100,000 Tasks/month (extra tasks are usage-based)

- All Team features

- Unlimited Workspaces

- User provisioning (SCIM)

- Apps Access Control

- SAML Single Sign On (SSO)

- Custom Data Retention

- Account Capture

Pricing of Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect offers four pricing plans that are based on the number of tasks/operations that includes:

- Starter – The minimum price for the service is $9, in which you get 12,000 tasks per month with all the features like unlimited workflow, instant triggers, multi-step calls, formatters, etc.

- Rookie – Pay $29 per month for 50,000 tasks and get all the above features.

- Pro – Buy this plan at $37 per month and get 60,000 tasks.

- Advanced – The pricing of this plan starts from $57/month and goes $3000/month, in which you get 80,000 to 9,000,000 tasks.

Summarizing the Zapier VS Pabbly Connect: My Recommendation

Considering the prices, you can see that Pebbly Connect is the much better option compared to functionality for each package.

Zapier is known to be the number one brand for automation, and therefore the brand name comes at a premium, why must one pay higher when you can get the same functionalities but in a much cheaper package.

The lifetime package is a very good aspect to consider as a one-off payment will give you the tools functionality for life. Definitely going for Pebbly Connect is the logical answer and my personal suggestion.

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