Buzz Mail

Buzz Mail


Instantly Craft Professional Email Replies
Most popular alternative: EmailTriager


Are you tired of spending hours crafting email replies?

Introducing Buzz Mail, the ultimate AI-powered solution for generating automatic email responses.

With Buzz Mail, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of composing professional emails from scratch.

This innovative Google Workspace Marketplace tool utilizes artificial intelligence to instantly generate personalized and polished replies.

By ensuring prompt and professional responses to customer queries, Buzz Mail can significantly boost your sales and productivity.

Running seamlessly as a Gmail add-on, Buzz Mail has access to your email messages, allowing it to manage drafts, send emails, and provide a seamless user experience.

Rest assured, your privacy is protected as Buzz Mail only requests necessary permissions and adheres to strict security measures.

Share your ratings and reviews on Google’s services, following the guidelines and policies set by the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Best of all, Buzz Mail is completely free of charge and developed by the experts at Buzzing AI.

Experience the power of AI in email communication with Buzz Mail today!


Buzz Mail is an AI-powered tool available on the Google Workspace Marketplace that revolutionizes email communication. With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Buzz Mail instantly generates professional replies to emails, enhancing productivity and ensuring prompt and polished customer responses.

This Gmail add-on seamlessly integrates with users’ email accounts, granting it access to messages for optimal performance. To operate effectively, Buzz Mail requires permissions to manage drafts, send emails, view personal information, and connect to external services.

Users can share their ratings and reviews on Google’s platforms, adhering to the Google Workspace Marketplace Comment Guidelines and Review Policies. Developed by Buzzing AI, this invaluable tool is completely free of charge.


  • Increases productivity by instantly generating professional email replies
  • Ensures prompt response to customer queries, leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Can potentially increase sales by providing timely and professional communication
  • Runs as a Gmail add-on, seamlessly integrating with users’ email workflow
  • Developed by Buzzing AI, a trusted provider of AI tools

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