Character Design AI Tool



SmartNPC is an AI tool designed to provide AI-powered characters for game development. It allows users to create characters with unique personalities and backstories using natural language prompts. The tool offers a robust set of features, including real-time AI capabilities optimized for low-latency experiences. Users can engage in real conversations with the AI-powered characters and bring them to life through customizable actions, gestures, and facial expressions.

The integration of SmartNPC into popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal is made seamless through provided SDKs. The tool also offers a JavaScript SDK and a REST API for custom integrations. SmartNPC ensures that characters are fully immersive, as they only possess awareness of elements and knowledge within their own worlds.

The flexible scaling feature of SmartNPC enables easy adaptation to user needs and demands. It offers a pay-as-you-go model without complex licensing or long-term contracts and allows instant scaling with user bases without the need for complex configurations.

SmartNPC aims to provide unique experiences through its AI-powered character technology across various applications, including gaming, virtual worlds, digital workforce, and AI companions. The tool also provides resources for character creation, allowing users to refine their characters through easy simulation and adjustment in the provided studio environment.

Overall, SmartNPC offers developers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for incorporating AI-powered characters into their games, providing an enhanced and immersive gaming experience.



Korewa.AI is an AI-powered chat platform designed specifically for anime fans. It allows users to create, publish, and converse with scarily realistic anime characters that possess memories, emotions, and unique personalities. The platform adopts a visual-novel style and employs AI text models that are finely tuned for anime characters.

With Korewa.AI, users can upload images of their favorite anime characters and customize various aspects such as memories, personality traits, expressions, and emotions. They can engage in conversations with these characters, and the characters will remember the interactions and evolve their dialogue over time. This creates a dynamic and immersive experience for anime enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of Korewa.AI is the ability for users to publicly publish the characters they create. This means that anyone can interact with these characters and engage in conversations with them. It opens up opportunities for fans to connect and share their love for anime in a unique and interactive way.

Korewa.AI offers two pricing plans: demo and premium. The demo plan provides access to a slightly less powerful AI model with limited messages per month. Users can also access user-generated characters, utilize a draft editor for character testing, create their own characters, and publish them. On the other hand, the premium plan offers full access to the most powerful and emotive character simulation model, unlimited messages, and all the features available in the demo plan.

The creator of Korewa.AI is Ruel Alarcon, an 18-year-old undergraduate student and avid anime fan. His vision is to bring lifelike artificial intelligence to the anime world, providing anime fans with a vivid and niche experience. Korewa.AI stands out from other similar services due to its specialized AI for anime characters and fans, its visual and emotive character simulation model, and its AI text models that excel in simulating emotions with remarkable accuracy.

In summary, Korewa.AI is an AI-powered chat platform that caters specifically to anime fans. It allows users to create, publish, and converse with scarily realistic anime characters that possess memories, emotions, and personalities. With its unique features and specialized AI, Korewa.AI offers a vivid and niche experience for anime enthusiasts, bringing lifelike artificial intelligence to the anime world.



Soulgen is an AI-driven female character generator that allows users to effortlessly create their ideal soulmate’s image based on the text and tags they input. Whether you prefer an anime-style or real-life appearance, Soulgen caters to both preferences. This tool harnesses the power of AI image generator technology, specifically designed for the virtual realm. As AI art generating technology becomes increasingly popular, Soulgen stands out as a unique application in this field. Powered by deep learning algorithms, it continuously learns from vast image datasets, resulting in the creation of one-of-a-kind and lifelike AI-generated girls. The speed at which Soulgen operates is impressive, and the outcomes it produces are often astonishingly accurate. Regarded as one of the finest AI virtual girl generators available, Soulgen even offers a generous 50% discount for first-time subscribers.

Film Face

Film Face

Film Face is an AI tool that allows users to insert themselves into their favorite movies by generating images of their likeness using artificial intelligence. Users simply upload a picture of themselves and choose from various generation options to be transported into the movie scene of their choice.

To get started, users can sign in with their Google account and enjoy a free trial with ten credits to generate images. It is recommended to use a high-resolution picture that contains only one person for the best results. Rest assured, the tool guarantees that uploaded pictures are not shared and can be deleted upon request.

While using the tool, users may experience longer loading times if the AI model needs to be reloaded after a period of inactivity. It’s important to note that Film Face is still a work in progress, so some users may encounter unusual results. However, extensive testing with dozens of pictures has shown a success rate of 80 to 90 percent.

In case users encounter any issues or have questions, contact information is readily available. Overall, Film Face offers a unique and entertaining way for users to immerse themselves in their favorite movies using AI technology.



ROSA is an AI tool called ROSAPage that allows users to generate 20 pictures of themselves as a Naruto anime character. The tool charges a fee of $0.40 per image. To use ROSAPage, users need to upload five photos of themselves following specific requirements, including three face pictures (left, right, and front), two upper body pictures (left and right), and no black and white photos.

Privacy protection is emphasized by ROSAPage, as uploaded pictures and AI models are deleted once the generated images are shared with the user. The AI image generation process runs on powerful computers and takes up to 20 minutes for each person. The quality of the generated Naruto characters highly depends on the quality of the uploaded photos.

Users are required to meet certain conditions, such as being the only person in the pictures and having their face fully visible without glasses or masks. Once the user uploads the pictures and completes the payment, ROSAPage AI wizards will create twenty Naruto-themed pictures of the user as a Hokage. The tool estimates that the transformation will take some time to complete, and the user can refresh the page or check their email to receive a notification once the process is finished.

ROSApage targets fans of the Naruto anime who want to see how they would look like as a character. It provides a quick and easy way to do so at a reasonable fee.

Anime AI Art

Anime AI Art

Anime AI Art: Avatar Generator is an app available for download on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The app’s main purpose is to generate anime-style avatar art, allowing users to create their own unique avatars.

Users have the option to read reviews and view screenshots of the app before deciding to download it.

However, specific details about the features of the app and the AI technology used to create the avatars are not provided in the given text.

It is also unclear whether the app is free or if there is a cost associated with downloading or using it.

Overall, the Anime AI Art: Avatar Generator appears to cater to individuals interested in creating anime-style avatars for personal or social media use.

Without more detailed information, it is challenging to assess the app’s usefulness or value compared to other avatar generators available on the market.