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Summer AI

Summer AI

Summer AI is an AI-powered audio tour guide that provides users with information about nearby stories, points of interest, and local events. It offers a range of unique features to enhance the user experience.

One of Summer AI’s key features is its extensive database of millions of points of interest, including attractions, landmarks, and top venues in the local area. As users walk, bike, or drive around, Summer AI describes the best features of the area.

The tool also keeps users informed about daily local events, such as concerts, book readings, farmers markets, and kids’ activities, providing summaries of each event.

Users can enable augmented reality mode to visually locate landmarks and events in their surroundings, turning their experience into a game-like exploration.

For navigation, Summer AI offers turn-by-turn guidance to selected points of interest or events, either through traditional map navigation or augmented reality.

What sets Summer AI apart is its team of AI hosts, each with their own area of expertise, such as history or economics. These AI hosts bring unique charms to the narration, offering diverse perspectives on the local area.

The tool uses web scraping to gather information about physical locations, linking the data from various sources to create a comprehensive database. Filtering and summarization techniques are then employed to select the most relevant features, which are presented in interesting and digestible snippets using a language model. A fact-checking algorithm is used to ensure the accuracy of the information, followed by text-to-speech technology to generate beautiful narrations in different voices.

Human moderation also plays a role in verifying the final product, ensuring quality and making necessary alterations.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback to help improve the database, train the model, and enhance the overall user experience.

Guide AI

Guide AI

Guide.AI is an AI-powered platform that allows individuals and organizations to create, publish, and sell audio guides for any location. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily develop smartphone-based audio guides in multiple languages, without the need for audio recordings. The platform utilizes advanced AI text-to-speech technology to ensure high-quality audio guides that cater to the needs of partially-sighted visitors, making attractions and destinations more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The Guide.AI app is a landmark audio guide platform that offers authors the opportunity to earn revenue through three different publication routes: Free Audio Guides, Sell Audio Guides, and Author Revenue from Each Guide Sale. This provides a range of finance models suitable for individuals with great guide ideas or organizations running attractions.

In addition to its revenue-generating capabilities, Guide.AI promotes inclusivity by automatically translating guides into 11 foreign languages. This ensures accessibility for visitors from different cultures and languages, making it easier for them to enjoy the audio guides.

Guide.AI is an ideal tool for those seeking passive income, as once an audio guide is published, there is no further work required. It is particularly suitable for individuals with limited spare time, as they can have their audio guide created for them. The platform also offers a testing feature, allowing authors to try out their guides on the app before publishing them.

Overall, Guide.AI aims to revolutionize the audio guide landscape by enhancing the visitor experience and providing value for authors.