Audiobook AI Tool



Audie.AI is an AI-based tool that converts books into audiobooks with natural-sounding narration, varied pacing, and inflection. The tool offers a range of voices to choose from and eliminates the need for waiting several months or spending nearly $10,000 for someone to read your book.

Audie.AI is a cost-effective solution and enables you to sell to a whole new audience as 20% of book sales are in audiobook format, with the market showing a high growth rate.

The platform offers a free subscription plan with 2,500 characters per month and three paid packages for content creators, independent authors and publishers, and growing publishers and companies looking for higher discounts and quotas.

The tool claims to have a fast turnaround time of 24 hours or less to complete an audiobook. Audie.AI does not take a percentage of your revenue, allowing you to keep all of your profits.

The tool has a user-friendly platform where you can upload your text file and select a narrator’s voice while creating the perfect audiobook experience and downloading your audiobook files.

Overall, Audie.AI is a reliable tool that can save you time, cost, and effort while creating audiobooks of high quality.

Novels AI

Novels AI

Novels AI is an innovative app that uses state-of-the-art AI voice synthesis and narration technology to create personalized, AI-generated audiobooks. With Novels AI, users can create audiobooks featuring themselves as the main character, immersing themselves in a world of immersive storytelling. The app allows users to customize their character and make choices that shape the plot, providing a unique listening experience tailored just for them.

To create a novel, users have a certain number of points to spend, with each generated chapter costing one point. Currently, only English language support is available, and users can select a genre, author name, and title for their novel. Additionally, they can add primary performers for each character and any relevant details.

Novels AI offers endless storytelling possibilities across various genres, from mystery and romance to science fiction and fantasy. The app is a gateway to the future of audiobooks and an entirely new world of AI-powered storytelling. Novels AI’s demo section provides a visual example of what can be achieved with the app.

Overall, Novels AI is a user-friendly and innovative tool that provides a unique and personalized listening experience, immersing users in a world of captivating storytelling.