A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping is an AI-powered video and music mapping and licensing platform that revolutionizes the traditional filmmaking process. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it accelerates music searching, licensing, and audio editing by an astounding 2000 times. This tool is specifically designed to save filmmakers time and costs associated with finding, securing, and editing music for their projects. With A.V. Mapping, filmmakers can enjoy a one-stop solution for AI music-for-video searching, mapping, and licensing.

The key feature of A.V. Mapping lies in its patented AI algorithm, which combines 14 AI models to analyze various aspects of video and music content. These include storyboards, plots, emotions, actions, text, musical emotions, speed, and genre. By considering these factors, the platform recommends the most suitable music for the video, ensuring a seamless and harmonious audiovisual experience. Additionally, A.V. Mapping offers 1 on 1 AI service and API for software, platform, and hardware integration, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

In addition to its music mapping capabilities, A.V. Mapping also provides a comprehensive document management system. Users can easily upload file information, manage shared information, and access offline services. The platform goes beyond music mapping and offers users the ability to create custom film music and sound editing, mixers, Web 3.0 metaverse showcases, concerts, and competitions. This versatility allows filmmakers to unleash their creativity and enhance their projects with unique audio elements.

A.V. Mapping further extends its AI capabilities with a range of tools for video analysis, text analysis, and music analysis. Users can leverage features such as finding music with face detection, auto storyboard cutting, photo/images color card, noise reduction, sound effects AI designer, and pro audio editing development. These tools empower filmmakers to refine their videos and audio tracks with precision and efficiency.

The convenience and efficiency of A.V. Mapping have garnered praise from industry professionals and organizations. It has received commendations from FAIM festival Best Film filmmakers, Frinny Lee/Music Studio, CNA 中央通訊社, and Digital Journal. Furthermore, A.V. Mapping has been recognized for its excellence and innovation, winning the prestigious 2020 Red Dot award. With its powerful AI capabilities and user-friendly features, A.V. Mapping is transforming the way filmmakers approach music searching, licensing, and audio editing, making the filmmaking process more streamlined and enjoyable.