Image Analysis AI Tool



PicStork is an AI tool designed to automate aerial image analytics for drone users. It streamlines the entire workflow, from image capture to data processing, making it a comprehensive solution for users. With PicStork, users have the flexibility to bring their own data, train detectors, and analyze the data independently.

One of the standout features of PicStork is its ability to prepare image datasets from previous projects or local drives, enabling users to upload and annotate images in real-time. This functionality greatly simplifies the process and saves time for users. Moreover, PicStork allows users to train their own machine learning models using optimized algorithms for faster object detection. This empowers users to create customized workflows tailored to their specific needs.

PicStork also offers the capability to create flight plans using AeroGCS KEA and select the analysis tasks to be performed on cloud-based images. Users can track the progress and view live images on the cloud during the flight, enhancing their situational awareness. The tool supports both trained and pre-trained models for analysis on the dataset, providing flexibility and options for users.

The results of the analysis are conveniently displayed on the user’s PicStork Dashboard, where they can easily view and interact with the statistics. Additionally, PicStork allows users to download and share the results in various formats via email, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication. Overall, PicStork simplifies the process of aerial image analytics, enabling drone users to efficiently achieve their aerial intelligence goals.



Glov is a conversational shopping AI assistant designed specifically for the unique challenges of e-commerce. It aims to elevate e-commerce by providing direct and intuitive shopping dialogues, resulting in a 12% conversion rate growth and 35% less abandonment.

The tool enables eCommerce players to swiftly deploy conversational shopping AI assistants that engage in natural and insightful customer dialogues. With Glov, users can add a conversational assistant to their site, mimicking a skilled salesperson who knowledgeably addresses customer queries and understands their needs.

It also allows for conversational product discovery, facilitating natural language search and exploration to assist customers in finding the right products. Additionally, Glov offers proactive sales dialogues through its Dialogue Flow feature, allowing users to tailor sales conversations to align with their business needs.

The tool includes precise intent recognition, enabling quick training of the shopping AI to understand customer intent in queries and inquiries. Glov also provides long-term customer memory, allowing businesses to keep a record of customer preferences over time, aiding in personalized communication and recommendations.

This tool has been used by Vivense and resulted in an 11% increase in conversion and gained 1,150 new shoppers in just 30 days. Glov offers three easy steps to activate: enabling AI-powered discovery by feeding in product catalogues and FAQ documents, connecting with the interface using the Glov API or pre-packaged interface, and attaching custom functions for specific business needs.

Glov is exclusively built for e-commerce, offers performance-oriented features such as built-in A/B testing and targeting capabilities, and provides an end-to-end solution handling all necessary data in the cloud. It also offers seamless integration with the ability to connect data and call the Glov API effortlessly.

Keyword Camera

Keyword Camera

Keyword Camera is an AI-based tool designed to assist users in tagging their photos and videos. The platform allows users to upload their images and receive generated tags, title, and description. The generated data is personalized and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Users can edit the generated data or regenerate it entirely until they are satisfied with the results.

Once users are satisfied with the results, they can export the data as a CSV file suitable for use on popular stock photography sites or e-commerce platforms. The tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate tags that are optimized for SEO, and the platform allows the addition of required keywords, such as location, names of people, and specific styles, to fine-tune results.

Keyword Camera also offers a convenient batch upload feature, enabling users to upload multiple photos and have tags generated for each one while the others are being processed. This saves time and streamlines the tagging process for users with large collections of images.

The platform provides a free plan for new users, allowing them to explore and utilize the tool’s features without any cost. Additionally, users have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

To support users, Keyword Camera offers technical assistance via Twitter, ensuring prompt and reliable help whenever needed. With its AI-powered tagging capabilities, personalized data generation, and user-friendly features, Keyword Camera is a valuable tool for efficiently tagging and optimizing photos and videos for SEO purposes.



ReeHeld is an AI-powered camera app designed to capture stunning long-exposure photos using an iPhone without the need for a tripod. The app uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and the neural engine of the iPhone to stabilize images and produce sharp and clear results.

With a capture duration ranging from 1 to 30 seconds, the app enables users to shoot motion blur shots effortlessly and features AI-powered stabilization for the best image quality and results. The app also boosts the iPhone’s GPU to run millions of calculations per second for better performance.

ReeHeld is an incredibly easy-to-use tool with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly adjust their capture time and focus to achieve the perfect shot. The app is suitable for both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts who want to capture stunning long-exposure images on the go.

Users can download ReeHeld on the Apple App Store and start capturing high-quality long-exposure photos using their iPhones.

DreAIm Home

DreAIm Home

Based on the text above, it appears that AI Dream Home is not an AI tool, but rather a feature or service offered by It allows users to search for and find their dream home while providing guides and resources for buying and selling properties.

The website offers a variety of options for different types of property searches, such as homes for sale, foreclosure homes, newly constructed homes, and apartments for rent. Users can also access tools for managing rentals, creating leases, and screening tenants.

In addition, there are resources for those seeking mortgage advice, including calculators and guides for understanding financing options. Users can search for real estate agents and find information on working with a REALTOR®. The website offers news and insights on the housing market, housing trends, and celebrity real estate.

While there isn’t specific information about AI-powered features, it’s possible that the website may use AI to enhance their search algorithms and predictive analytics for buying and selling property. Overall, AI Dream Home seems to be a comprehensive online platform for all things real estate, with a wealth of resources and tools for anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent a property. is an AI-powered tool that helps users create a winning dating profile that boosts their likes and matches on dating apps. The tool works by taking a series of the user’s selfies and creating high-quality images that showcase the best version of them, helping them stand out from the crowd and increasing their chances of getting more matches.

Users simply upload 20-30 of their favourite portraits and selfies, and the tool’s AI technology captures the details of their face and their mimic to generate high-quality profile pictures in a matter of hours. Using the tool saves users time and money as they get hundreds of stunning photos quickly and cheaply without hiring a professional photographer.

The AI-generated photos can also be used on any platform, including other dating apps and social media platforms, and are designed to look natural and authentic, accurately capturing the user’s unique features and personality. If users are not satisfied with the AI-generated photos, they can contact customer support to find a solution that meets their needs and expectations.

The tool’s advanced AI algorithms also prioritize user safety and security, as uploaded photos are deleted after seven days. The tool’s ultimate aim is to improve users’ personal scores on the matching algorithm and enhance their online presence across various platforms with high-quality, personalized images.