Image Recognition AI Tool



The Imagga Image Recognition API is a powerful tool for developers and businesses looking to enhance their image analysis and discovery capabilities. It provides several solutions, including image tagging and categorization, visual search, content moderation, custom training, face recognition, object localization, and text recognition.

With the image tagging feature, users can automatically assign relevant tags to their images, making it easier to organize and search for specific content. The categorization feature allows for instant image classification, making it useful for applications that require quick and accurate categorization of image content.

The visual search capability empowers developers to create applications that enable product discoverability based on visual similarity. This feature can be particularly useful in e-commerce and retail applications.

Facial recognition functionality is also available, allowing developers to unlock precise and robust face detection and recognition capabilities in their applications. This can be used in various scenarios, from security and access control to personalized user experiences.

Additionally, the API provides the ability to train custom models based on image recognition technology, allowing users to create their own image classifiers for specific categories of images.

Furthermore, the Imagga Image Recognition API offers features such as content moderation, cropping for generating thumbnails, color extraction, and text recognition.

Overall, this API provides a comprehensive suite of image recognition solutions that can be customized and integrated into a variety of applications and industries.



Eyrene is an AI-powered digital merchandising tool that revolutionizes on-shelf presence in stores. With its patented mobile image recognition technology, Eyrene accurately identifies products, price tags, promotions, equipment, and POS materials in real time, eliminating the need for manual intervention or an internet connection. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Eyrene focuses on budget devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

By leveraging Eyrene, sales reps and merchandisers can save valuable time and reduce errors during shelf audits and price audits. The tool’s KPI engine calculates quantitative KPIs based on the image recognition results, supporting key industry metrics such as share of shelf, on-shelf availability, out-of-shelf, brand blocks, and planogram compliance. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights into their merchandising performance.

Eyrene also offers a user-friendly web portal that provides data visibility and control over field staff activities. Through the portal, users can manage tasks, track visits, view photos, and more. The tool further enhances data analysis capabilities with BI dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI Embedded technology, ensuring users have access to comprehensive and actionable insights.

To facilitate seamless integration, Eyrene supports various integration options and APIs for raw data access. Whether it’s server-server, mobile-server, or mobile-mobile integration scenarios, Eyrene ensures data interoperability and flexibility. Additionally, the tool includes a Superviser Mode in the mobile app, allowing supervisors to monitor their subordinates’ visits, review results, and create tasks, ensuring efficient team management.

Eyrene offers professional services for customization, ensuring the tool meets specific business requirements. Technical support is provided in English through various support channels, ensuring users receive prompt assistance when needed. The company boasts impressive results, with most customers experiencing a significant return on investment after implementing Eyrene. Notable improvements include increased sales, reduced audit time, and lower costs compared to other image recognition solutions. Customer testimonials highlight the speed, accuracy, scalability, and transparency of Eyrene’s image recognition capabilities, making it a trusted and reliable tool for optimizing on-shelf presence.



Ximilar is an AI-based tool used for automating image processing, particularly in Image Recognition and Visual Search applications. With state-of-the-art AI technology, Ximilar offers several ready-to-use and custom-made solutions such as Deep Tagging, Background Removal, and Image Upscaling up to 8x to enhance the image processing capabilities of businesses.

This tool also provides Computer Vision Platform, which can be customized with different image recognition services such as Image Classification, Regression, and Object Detection. Visual Search Solutions offered by Ximilar include product recommendations, reverse image search, image matching, and fashion search.

Ximilar’s image tools features allow users to remove background and upscale images with ease. Ximilar’s custom-made solutions cater to different industries such as Collectible Items, Biotech & Medtech, E-commerce, Fashion, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Safety & Security, and Stock Photography.

Ximilar values its users’ privacy and uses technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information to further improve browsing experience and show personalized ads. Users can manage and customize their preference settings to allow or deny access to personal data.

In summary, Ximilar is a robust image recognition and processing tool that offers customized solutions to enhance businesses’ image processing capabilities. With AI-based technologies, Ximilar automates image processing, reduces manual processing time, and improves customer experience.

Dog Identifer

Dog Identifer

Dog Identifier is an AI-based app designed to identify the breed of dogs through images or videos. Using advanced image recognition technology, the app analyzes the provided image and compares it to a comprehensive database of over 170 dog breeds. It then provides accurate information about the identified breed, including its characteristics, temperament, and history.

The app also features a Dog Finder tool, which helps users find their ideal furry companion by answering a few questions about their lifestyle and preferences. It suggests the best dog breeds that match their needs based on a comprehensive database of over 170 breeds, providing information on each breed’s personality, energy level, size, and grooming requirements.

An engaging addition to the app is the Dog Feed Listing, offering daily predictions and fun facts about different breeds. Users can challenge themselves with guessing games and discover intriguing trivia about various dog breeds.

Moreover, the app introduces Dog Mood Detection, allowing users to analyze their dog’s facial expressions and body language to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and well-being.

With its user-friendly interface and constant updates, Dog Identifier ensures that users always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. The app also encourages user feedback to improve its functionality and allows users to save and share identified dog breeds with friends and family.

Download the Dog Identifier app now to unlock the world of dog breeds and simplify the process of identifying your dog’s breed.



Loti is an AI-powered facial recognition technology that offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to safeguard their online privacy and protect their intimate images and videos. With Loti, users can easily upload a photo and swiftly identify if any of their personal content has been published on the internet without their consent.

This powerful tool not only benefits individuals but also content creators and parents who want to ensure the security of their images. Loti actively searches for close matches of uploaded images and videos, efficiently locating their online presence. With just one click, users can reclaim their images and take necessary actions to remove them from unauthorized platforms.

Privacy and security are of utmost importance to Loti. The tool operates on a default opt-out basis, meaning it does not store any personal images, ensuring that user data remains confidential. Loti’s commitment to protecting user privacy is unwavering.

In addition to its core functionality, Loti provides users with valuable resources to enhance their understanding of online image protection. Through informative blogs, dedicated support, and a comprehensive FAQ page, users can access guidance and insights on how to effectively safeguard their online images.

With Loti, individuals can regain control over their personal content, prevent unauthorized proliferation on free websites, and ensure their images are used only with their consent.

Photor AI

Photor AI

Photor AI is an image recognition and machine learning tool designed to help users select the best images for their professional or personal use. It is trained on a dataset of 347,000 Instagram photos and is suitable for photos taken with both professional cameras and smartphones.

Photor AI can analyze user-generated photos and does not estimate the plot or measure how cool or beautiful a person or an object on a photo may look. Instead, it focuses solely on the technical aspects such as brightness, contrast, and noise.

Photor AI allows users to upload multiple photos and then quickly select the best ones for their profile or social media accounts. It also provides a score for each photo, indicating how closely it fits the user’s desired criteria.

Photor AI is easy to use and can save users time and effort in finding the perfect image.



HopShop is an AI-powered tool designed to help shoppers find clothes based on images and quickly locate visually similar items available online. This platform is accessible via a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

One of the significant benefits of HopShop is that it simplifies the shopping process, making it easy and fast. The AI image recognition feature through a simple visual search allows HopShop to suggest multiple options to choose from within a few seconds of uploading an image. Users can tap on the items they prefer and view full product descriptions. Additionally, the tool’s algorithm recommends similar-looking apparel within a split second without wasting time.

A unique aspect of HopShop is that it allows for personalized shopping experiences by automatically tagging and making product recommendations that best match users’ search. It also suggests the best deal for a specific item, providing excellent value for shoppers. The app also boasts of enabling users to identify items from videos and images and search for the exact product to shop. As a result, shoppers have access to an extensive inventory of visually similar products available online.

HopShop is also suitable for stores that want to link their products to every similar image on the web, increasing conversion and providing real-time updates on the most trending products from their catalog, generating leads and boosting sales. Users can contact HopShop for partnership opportunities and also find answers to frequently asked questions.