FreeSubtitles: Accurate Automated Subtitle Generation
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Are you tired of spending hours manually transcribing audio and video content?

Introducing Freesubtitles, an AI-powered tool that automates the generation of subtitles for your videos and audios.

With Freesubtitles, you can effortlessly transcribe your files for free, saving you time and effort.

This powerful tool, available on GitHub, offers a range of options to suit your needs.

From automatic download link input to language and model selection, you have control over the accuracy and customization of your subtitles.

Upload files up to 300 MB and one-hour duration for free, or unlock even greater capabilities with our paid features.

Choose from 111 languages, including auto-detection for optimal efficiency, and select from nine models for varying levels of accuracy.

And if you have an international audience, our translation feature allows you to easily reach them in their preferred language.

Don’t let limited resources hold you back. Try Freesubtitles today and experience the convenience of automated subtitle generation.

Transcribe File – the reliable solution for content creators like you.


Freesubtitles is an AI tool available on GitHub that offers free transcription and subtitle generation for audio and video content. With multiple options and features, it provides users with a convenient and efficient way to add subtitles to their content.

One of the key features of Freesubtitles is its ability to transcribe files accurately and quickly. Users can input an automatic download link, select the desired language, and choose from different models to achieve the desired accuracy level. The tool offers nine models of varying size and accuracy, allowing users to strike a balance between speed and precision.

In addition to transcription, Freesubtitles also offers translation services. Users can choose to translate their subtitles into different languages, making it a versatile tool for content creators with international audiences. The tool supports 111 languages, including auto-detection for optimal efficiency.

Freesubtitles has certain limitations on file size and duration for free users. Files up to 300 MB in size and one hour in duration can be uploaded for transcription. However, paid users have the advantage of uploading larger files, up to 10 GB in size and 10 hours in duration.

To ensure a smooth user experience, Freesubtitles has a maximum queue amount of zero, meaning there is no waiting time for the transcription process to start. However, users can choose to jump to the front of the queue by opting for paid features. This allows for faster turnaround times, especially for users with urgent requirements.

Overall, Freesubtitles is a reliable and accurate AI tool for generating subtitles. It offers a range of options and features, making it suitable for content creators with limited resources. Whether it’s transcribing files, translating subtitles, or prioritizing jobs, Freesubtitles provides a user-friendly experience for adding subtitles to audio and video content.


  • Free to use: Transcribe File is an AI tool that generates subtitles for audio and video content for free.
  • Multiple options: It provides multiple options, including automatic download link input, language and model selection for different accuracy levels, and translation into different languages.
  • File size and duration: Users can upload files up to a maximum size of 300 MB and one-hour duration, while paid users can upload files up to 10 GB and 10 hours duration.
  • Queue management: The maximum queue amount is zero, and there are four active jobs running. Users can jump to the front of the queue by opting for paid features.
  • Versatility: The tool provides 111 language options, including auto-detection for optimum efficiency, and the ability to choose between nine models of varying size and accuracy. It also offers translation into different languages, making it highly versatile for users with international audiences.

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