Interview Prep AI

Interview Prep AI

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Master Interviews with AI Practice
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Are you tired of feeling unprepared and anxious before job interviews?

Introducing Interview Prep AI, the ultimate solution for jobseekers looking to ace their interviews.

With this AI-driven mobile application, you can now practice job interviews anytime, anywhere.

Imagine having a virtual interviewer at your fingertips, ready to simulate realistic interview scenarios and provide valuable feedback.

No more waiting for actual interviews or relying on friends for practice.

Simply upload your CV, specify the job description and interview type, and start honing your skills.

Engage in multiple iterations of live interviews with our AI bot, receiving instantaneous feedback on your performance.

Rest assured, your information remains confidential as we do not store any data on our servers.

Whether you want to overcome interview anxiety or increase your chances of landing that dream job, Interview Prep AI is here to help.

Save time, gain confidence, and master the art of interviewing with this innovative tool.

Get ready to impress employers and secure your future career with Interview Prep AI.


Interview Prep AI is an AI-driven mobile application that helps jobseekers prepare for job interviews. It simulates realistic job interviews and provides feedback to the user, enabling them to practice and improve their interview skills.

To use the tool, users can upload their CV by either pasting the text or uploading a document, and then fill out initial information such as job description, interview type, and language. Users can then practice multiple iterations of a live interview by talking with the AI bot, which provides instantaneous feedback on their performance.

The application keeps the information provided by the user private and does not store it on its servers, ensuring confidentiality. The tool is geared towards job seekers who want to improve their interview skills, overcome anxiety, and increase their chances of getting a job offer.

It also saves users time by allowing them to practice as many times as they want, without waiting for actual interviews. Overall, Interview Prep AI is a useful and innovative tool for job seekers to prepare for job interviews and gain confidence in their abilities.


  • Realistic job interview simulations
  • Instantaneous feedback on performance
  • Confidentiality and privacy of user information
  • Opportunity to practice multiple iterations of live interviews
  • Time-saving by allowing unlimited practice sessions

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