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ListenMonster: Fast, Accurate Transcriptions
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Are you tired of spending hours manually transcribing audio and video files?

Introducing ListenMonster, the ultimate AI-powered solution for audio and video transcription with subtitles.

With ListenMonster, you can effortlessly convert your files into accurate transcriptions and subtitles in a matter of minutes.

No more tedious typing or struggling to keep up with the content – our advanced AI system does it all for you.

Simply upload your audio or video files, choose your preferred format, and let ListenMonster work its magic.

Whether you need transcriptions for accessibility, language learning, SEO, or any other purpose, ListenMonster has got you covered.

Join thousands of satisfied users worldwide who rely on ListenMonster for fast, reliable, and hassle-free transcription services.

Experience the power of AI with ListenMonster – the future of audio and video transcription is here.


ListenMonster is a free tool that provides fast and accurate audio transcription and video subtitle generation. It offers the option to transcribe files in both txt and srt formats.

With no sign-up required, users can easily upload their audio or video files and select the preferred format for the generated subtitles. ListenMonster supports transcription in 97 major languages, making it a versatile resource for users around the world.

The tool is compatible with various audio and video formats, including mp4, mp3, wav, mpg, and mkv, ensuring users can focus on the content without worrying about the file type. ListenMonster’s advanced AI system can automatically detect the language of the video, simplifying the transcription process further.

The tool allows users to export their transcriptions in different formats according to their needs. ListenMonster prides itself on its swift and accurate transcription services and offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Regular updates ensure continuous improvement and the addition of new features to enhance the subtitle creation experience.

Transcriptions and subtitles have become essential tools for fields such as accessibility for the hearing impaired, language learning, search engine optimization, content repurposing, legal and medical documentation, education, multilingual content, video editing, conference and meeting notes, enhancing user engagement, marketing and advertising, and podcast accessibility.

With ListenMonster, users can transcribe their English audio and video content for free, without watermarks, quickly, and effortlessly.


  • Fast and accurate audio transcription and video subtitle generation
  • Option to transcribe files in both txt and srt formats
  • Supports transcription in 97 major languages
  • Compatible with various audio and video formats
  • Advanced AI system that automatically detects the language of the video

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