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Boost Support Efficiency with OpenSight
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Are you tired of spending countless hours answering repetitive customer queries?

Introducing OpenSight, the AI chatbot tool that revolutionizes customer support.

With OpenSight, you can boost your customer support efficiency and provide a seamless experience.

Say goodbye to mundane tasks and say hello to enhanced productivity.

OpenSight offers two-factor authentication for added security, ensuring your customers’ information is protected.

Its Agent Assist feature suggests responses based on FAQs, documents, and past tickets, saving you time and effort.

Integration with popular third-party tools allows you to perform actions and verify user information effortlessly.

Experience the power of OpenSight with our free demo bot.

Join the future of customer support and witness a near 100% accuracy rate at 93% less cost.

OpenSight – Empowering customer support agents to excel.


OpenSight is an AI chatbot tool that revolutionizes customer support efficiency. With its robust features and integrations, it enhances security, automates responses, and streamlines workflows for support agents.

One of the key features of OpenSight is its two-factor authentication (2FA) capability, which adds an extra layer of security to customer interactions. Users can choose from various authentication methods, including hardware security keys, mobile authenticator apps, or SMS on their phones. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access.

Agent Assist is another powerful feature offered by OpenSight. It leverages AI technology to suggest responses to customer queries based on frequently asked questions (FAQs), relevant documents, and past tickets. This not only saves time for support agents but also ensures consistent and accurate responses to customers. By harnessing the power of AI, OpenSight empowers support teams to handle a higher volume of inquiries with ease.

OpenSight goes beyond its core functionalities by seamlessly integrating with popular third-party tools such as Stripe, Retool, Snowflake, and more. This integration allows support agents to perform actions and verify user information without leaving the chat interface. By consolidating multiple tools into one platform, OpenSight simplifies workflows and enhances productivity for support teams.

To experience the capabilities of OpenSight firsthand, a free demo bot is available for users to try out. This allows potential users to explore the tool’s features and understand how it can benefit their customer support operations.

In summary, OpenSight is a comprehensive AI chatbot tool that empowers customer support agents to deliver exceptional service. With its advanced security measures, intelligent response suggestions, seamless integrations, and cost-effective solution, OpenSight enables support teams to become more productive and achieve near-perfect accuracy rates.


  • Improves customer support efficiency
  • Provides two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security
  • Includes Agent Assist feature for suggesting responses to customer queries
  • Integrates with third-party tools for performing actions and verifying user information
  • Offers a free demo bot for trying out the tool

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