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Are you tired of juggling multiple AI development tools and struggling with collaboration?

Introducing, the all-in-one platform designed to streamline AI development for creators, developers, and teams. With Proc, you can build, compare, and ship AI applications in a single place, utilizing a variety of collaborative low to no-code tools.

Featuring core pillars like Memory, Interface, and Dashboard, Proc offers a holistic solution for AI development. It adopts industry standards and readily available open-source models to reduce the learning and integration curve.

But that’s not all – Proc provides a range of specific tools to enhance your AI development experience. From an AI Trainer for effortless model training to a chat interface for user-friendly interaction, and a logs debugger for seamless debugging, Proc has got you covered.

Monitor your AI’s performance with performance tracing and easily integrate with existing systems using the API. Proc empowers you with control and programmable access for workflow creation, deployment, and monitoring.

Join our private beta phase and unlock the potential of Upgrade your OpenAI integration and experience the future of AI development today.

Overview: is a Generative AI platform that simplifies AI development for creators, developers, and teams. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to build, deploy, and observe AI applications in production. With collaborative low to no-code tools, users can easily create, compare, and ship AI applications all in one place.

The platform is built on three core pillars: Memory, Interface, and Dashboard. These pillars consist of various sub-components that work together to provide a holistic solution for collaborative AI development. Proc leverages industry standards like Opentelemetry and Prometheus, as well as open-source models such as META’s LLAMA 2, to reduce the learning curve and facilitate integration.

Proc offers a range of specific tools to enhance AI development. The AI Trainer allows users to train AI models by ingesting and indexing data without writing code. The chat interface enables user-friendly interaction with AI, while the logs debugger provides a flow-based tool for debugging AI models. Performance tracing, based on Opentelemetry, helps monitor AI performance, and the API allows seamless integration with existing systems.

One of Proc’s key focuses is giving control to users. It provides extensible and programmable access for workflow creation, deployment, and monitoring. The platform is designed for full automation and deployment confidence, with the ability to export artifacts to other platforms and systems. Proc is currently in a private beta phase and offers an upgrade for existing OpenAI integration.


  • Streamlines AI development for creators, developers, and teams
  • Offers a range of tools and functionalities for developing, deploying, and observing AI in production
  • Enables building, comparing, and shipping AI applications in a single place
  • Provides collaborative low to no-code tools for easy development
  • Includes specific tools such as AI Trainer, chat interface, logs debugger, performance tracing, and API integration

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