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Revolutionize Local Radio with RadioNewsAI!
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Are you tired of the same old news anchors on your local radio station?

Introducing RadioNewsAI, the AI-powered platform that brings realistic news anchors to your radio broadcasts.

With RadioNewsAI, you can input news sources and watch as our AI model transforms the content into captivating news stories, narrated by lifelike AI news anchors.

Import content from any local website or RSS feed, create your own news stories, and customize the format of your newscasts using our user-friendly drag and drop editor.

Stay up-to-date with regular updates, scheduling options, and personalized announcements and closings.

Experience ultra-realistic AI voices designed specifically for delivering news content as a news anchor.

Our pricing is based on the number of seconds of AI-generated audio per month, with a set number of minutes included in each plan.

Only pay for new audio generated for news items that haven’t been created before.

Want to refresh news items more frequently? We offer that option too, although it comes with higher costs.

RadioNewsAI’s tool can be used across multiple radio stations, and our online platform includes a review and approval option for each newscast before it goes live.

Try our free tool trial today and enjoy the flexibility of usage-based billing. Upgrade your local radio station with RadioNewsAI and revolutionize your newscasts.


RadioNewsAI is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way local radio stations generate newscasts. With its advanced technology, this tool provides realistic news anchors to narrate news stories in a lifelike and engaging manner.

One of the key features of RadioNewsAI is its ability to rewrite news content from various sources into a cohesive news story. Radio stations can easily input news sources, and the AI model will transform the content into a compelling narrative. This ensures that radio stations can deliver up-to-date and relevant news to their listeners.

The user-friendly drag and drop editor allows users to import content from any local website or RSS feed, as well as create their own news stories. This flexibility enables radio stations to tailor their newscasts to their specific audience and preferences.

RadioNewsAI also offers scheduling options, allowing users to set up regular updates for their newscasts. Personalized announcements and closings can be added to enhance the overall listening experience.

With a focus on realism, RadioNewsAI provides ultra-realistic AI voices that are specially designed for delivering news content as a news anchor. This ensures that the news is presented in a professional and engaging manner.

Pricing for RadioNewsAI’s services is based on the number of seconds of AI-generated audio per month, with each plan including a set number of minutes. Users are only charged when the AI generates new audio for a news item that has not been generated before. Additionally, users have the option to refresh news items more frequently, albeit at a higher cost.

RadioNewsAI’s tool can be utilized across multiple radio stations, making it a versatile solution for broadcasters. The online platform also includes a review and approval option, allowing users to ensure the quality and accuracy of each newscast before it goes live.

To make it even more accessible, RadioNewsAI offers a free trial of its tool, allowing users to experience its capabilities firsthand. Additionally, usage-based billing is optional, providing flexibility for radio stations of all sizes.

In summary, RadioNewsAI is an innovative AI tool that empowers local radio stations to generate realistic and engaging newscasts. With its advanced features, customizable options, and ultra-realistic AI voices, this platform is revolutionizing the way news is delivered to radio listeners.


  • AI-powered platform providing local radio stations with realistic news anchors
  • Allows radio stations to input news sources and rewrites the content into a news story
  • Narrated by an AI news anchor in a lifelike and realistic voice
  • Import content from any local website or RSS feed and create custom news stories
  • Customize newscast format using a user-friendly drag and drop editor

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