Unholy is an AI tool designed to analyze music and identify any “unholiness” in the lyrics. The tool focuses on detecting themes and elements related to erotica, blasphemy, and adultery.

Users can search for a specific song by its title and artist name, and displays the top 5 search results for convenient selection. If a specific song is not found, the tool displays a “No Results Found” message. is currently available in version 2, and users can also try out the manual version by following the provided link. The AI-based approach ensures quick and accurate analysis of large volumes of data.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of depends on the quality of the lyrics analysis algorithm. Additionally, the concept of “unholiness” can be subjective, so users should exercise their own discretion when using the tool.

Overall, can be a useful tool for people who want to filter out certain types of content from their music.



WhatTheBeat is a website that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with AI-generated song meanings for their favorite songs. By utilizing the power of AI, WhatTheBeat aims to enhance users’ understanding and appreciation of music by offering unique and insightful interpretations of song lyrics.

With a functional contact form now available, users can easily reach out for any inquiries or support, ensuring a smooth user experience. The application offers a simplistic and user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly. Users can sign in or sign up to access personalized features and benefits.

Whether you’re a fan of Drake, Eminem, A.R. Rahman, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, or any other artist, WhatTheBeat provides access to a wide range of song meanings through their respective categories. By exploring these categories, users can discover the deeper, hidden messages and themes behind their favorite songs.

WhatTheBeat’s AI technology processes the lyrics of songs, generating meaningful interpretations that may offer unique perspectives. As an AI-based tool, WhatTheBeat can provide users with a fresh and unbiased analysis of song lyrics, potentially uncovering new insights and enriching the overall music experience. With its AI-generated song meanings, WhatTheBeat offers users a platform to delve deeper into the artistry and sentiments expressed through music.



Castup AI is a podcast assistant powered by ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence technology. It aims to facilitate the process of recording and promoting podcast episodes by offering a range of useful features. With Castup AI, users can create impressive episodes on various topics, whether it be upcoming or desired guests. The tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide valuable content and insights to enhance the podcasting experience.

This includes guest insights, which offer valuable information about guests, contact details for easy communication, and personalized talking points to ensure engaging conversations. Additionally, Castup AI generates punchy intro scripts, allowing hosts to captivate their audience from the start.

Furthermore, this AI-powered assistant assists in the creation of show notes, which helps summarize and highlight key discussion points for listeners. Alongside show notes, it aids in the generation of blog posts and tweets, allowing hosts to easily share their content across various platforms.

Castup AI showcases versatility, as it claims to be compatible with a wide range of topics. It seeks to be a valuable tool for both new and experienced podcasters by offering these features at no cost.

Overall, Castup AI is an innovative podcast assistant that streamlines the creation and promotion of podcast episodes using artificial intelligence. Its aim is to equip podcasters with the necessary tools and content to deliver compelling episodes and engage with their audience effectively.