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Chatmind: Sprout Ideas, Fuel Creativity!
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Are you tired of struggling to generate mind maps efficiently?

Introducing Chatmind: AI Mind Mapping & Brainstorming by GPT-4.

With Chatmind, ideas no longer remain dormant. Simply enter a seed of thought and witness it flourish into a full idea tree.

Steer your brainstorming with keywords or jump-start it using our diverse range of templates.

Fuel your creativity with Chatmind’s daily free credit, giving you one free credit a day.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as Chatmind unveils a plethora of exciting AI updates that will turbocharge your brainstorming.


Chatmind is an innovative AI tool powered by GPT-4 that revolutionizes the way ideas are generated and developed. With Chatmind, users can effortlessly transform a simple seed of thought into a flourishing idea tree, providing a dynamic platform for brainstorming and mind mapping. Whether you prefer to input keywords or utilize pre-designed templates, Chatmind offers a seamless experience to fuel your creativity and enhance your brainstorming sessions.

Key Features:1. Sprout Ideas with Ease: Enter a seed of thought, and witness it grow into a comprehensive idea tree. Chatmind’s advanced AI capabilities enable the expansion and exploration of ideas, allowing users to delve deeper into their creative potential.

2. Keyword-driven Brainstorming: Steer your brainstorming sessions by inputting relevant keywords. Chatmind intelligently generates ideas and connections based on these keywords, providing a structured approach to idea generation.

3. Template Library: Jump-start your brainstorming process with Chatmind’s extensive collection of templates. These templates cover a wide range of topics and industries, offering a starting point for your creative endeavors.

4. Free Daily Credit: Enjoy the benefits of Chatmind’s AI-powered brainstorming with a complimentary daily credit. This allows users to experience the tool’s capabilities without any financial commitment, fostering a continuous flow of ideas.

5. Exciting AI Updates: Chatmind is constantly evolving, with a roadmap full of exciting AI updates. These forthcoming features will turbocharge your brainstorming sessions, introducing new functionalities and enhancing the overall user experience.

With Chatmind, the possibilities for idea generation are limitless. Whether you are an individual seeking inspiration or a team collaborating on a project, this AI-powered tool provides a dynamic and intuitive platform to nurture and develop your ideas. Embrace the power of Chatmind and unlock your creative potential today.


  • Ideas grow on trees: Enter a seed of thought and watch it sprout into a full idea tree.
  • Steer your brainstorming with keywords or jump-start it with our templates.
  • 1 free credit a day: Enjoy a daily free credit to fuel your creativity with Chatmind.
  • A lot of AI features coming soon: Buckle up for a bunch of exciting AI updates that will turbocharge your brainstorming.
  • Generate mind maps efficiently with various templates.

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