Capture Family Legacy with Memoirist
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Are you struggling to capture the essence of your loved ones’ lives in a meaningful way?

Introducing Memoirist, the AI-powered solution that revolutionizes family memoir writing.

With Memoirist, you can effortlessly create beautifully crafted memoirs and biographies, even if you’re not a skilled writer.

Imagine being guided through an interview process, prompted with thought-provoking questions that unveil cherished memories and anecdotes.

Our advanced AI technology then weaves these moments into elegant and cohesive paragraphs, ensuring your memoirs are a true reflection of your loved ones’ lives.

Personalize your memoirs and choose between professionally printed and bound copies or convenient digital formats.

Preserve your family’s history, strengthen bonds, and stay connected across generations with Memoirist.

Join our beta testing program for free today and embark on a journey of creating lasting memories.


Memoirist is an AI-assisted tool that allows users to self-author memoirs and biographies of their loved ones. It provides a guided interview process with prompts and questions to help capture meaningful moments and anecdotes.

The AI technology helps users compose elegant and cohesive paragraphs, even if they are not expert writers. Users can personalize their memoirs, which are then professionally printed and bound or available for download in digital formats.

The goal of Memoirist is to help families stay connected and preserve their history for future generations. Currently, joining the beta testing program is free, but there may be a future paid subscription and cost associated with receiving the physical version of the memoir.

The tool offers key features such as a user-friendly editor for writing, easy-to-use and customizable templates for styling, engaging prompts to uncover new areas of appreciation, reminders for asking questions during interactions with loved ones, an image AI to enhance old photos, and publishing options for both physical and digital versions of the memoir.

Memoirist aims to facilitate the creation of lasting memories and strengthen family bonds. The team behind Memoirist consists of its co-founders, Ondrej Spok as CEO and Adam Petricek as CTO.


  • Guided interview process with prompts and questions
  • AI technology to compose elegant and cohesive paragraphs
  • Personalization options for memoirs
  • Professional printing and binding or digital download options
  • Preserving family history for future generations

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