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Personalized ABC Storybooks for Children
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Are you tired of the same old storybooks for your child?

Introducing MyStoryBooks, the innovative online platform that brings personalized storytelling to a whole new level.

With our AI-powered tool, you can create captivating storybooks that feature your child as the main character.

Imagine the joy on their face as they embark on an adventure where they are the hero, exploring diverse careers from A to Z.

From astronaut to baker, veterinarian to zookeeper, each letter of the alphabet represents a different profession, sparking their curiosity and expanding their imagination.

And the best part? Creating a book is as easy as submitting 10-20 images of your child. Our machine learning model then generates unique AI characters that bring the story to life.

Whether you prefer an eBook, softcover, or hardcover version, MyStoryBooks offers a range of formats to suit your preferences.

Experience the magic of personalized storytelling and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your child. Get started with MyStoryBooks today!


MyStoryBooks is an online platform that allows users to create personalized AI-powered storybooks for children. With this tool, parents can easily create a unique ABC storybook that introduces their child to diverse careers and helps them master the alphabet in a fun and engaging way.

To create a book, users simply need to submit 10-20 images of their child, and within a few hours, the tool generates a book where the child is a part of the story. The images are used to train a machine learning model, which creates AI-generated characters that are unique to each child.

The ABC storybook provided by MyStoryBooks enables children to explore a range of professions from A to Z, with each letter representing a different career, such as astronaut, baker, or veterinarian. This interactive and creative method not only helps children learn their ABCs but also introduces them to different career possibilities and expands their imagination.

The tool offers different book formats to suit individual preferences, including an eBook version, a softcover version, and a hardcover version. The eBook version can be accessed on any device, while the softcover and hardcover versions provide lightweight and durable options, respectively.

MyStoryBooks aims to provide a memorable reading experience and offers high-quality AI-generated images. It collects a fee of $2.99 to generate over a hundred unique images that users can choose for their child’s custom book. If satisfied with the quality, users have the option to purchase the books in various formats.


  • Allows parents to create personalized AI-powered storybooks for children
  • Introduces children to diverse careers and helps them master the alphabet in a fun and engaging way
  • Uses machine learning to generate AI-generated characters unique to each child
  • Enables children to explore a range of professions from A to Z
  • Offers different book formats to suit individual preferences

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