ZeroGPT’s AI Detector is a free and highly accurate tool designed to detect AI-generated chatGPT content. It is based on OpenAI’s chat GPT technology, including GPT4 and other AI text models. The tool is primarily aimed at teachers who need to detect AI-generated essays for plagiarism, ensuring originality in student work. ZeroGPT prioritizes user privacy and offers options for consent and personalized ads.

The AI Detector stands out for its advanced and reliable detection capabilities. It highlights every sentence generated by AI within the text and provides a gauge indicating the percentage of AI content present. This feature helps users easily identify and analyze AI-generated portions. Additionally, the tool supports batch processing of multiple files, automating the checking process in the user-friendly dashboard.

ZeroGPT’s AI Detector boasts a high accuracy model, trained on various languages to deliver reliable results. It utilizes DeepAnalyse™ Technology, a multi-stage methodology that optimizes accuracy while minimizing false positives and negatives. The model has undergone extensive training using real-world text collections from the internet, educational datasets, and proprietary synthetic AI datasets.

The tool supports detection in multiple languages and generates automatically generated PDF reports for every detection. These reports serve as proof of AI-free plagiarism and aid in academic integrity. For organizations and websites, ZeroGPT offers a user-friendly API for seamless integration. It caters to a wide range of users, including teachers, researchers, and individuals interested in identifying AI-generated content.

Bullshit Detector

Bullshit Detector

The Bullshit Detector for AI generated content is an AI tool designed to detect whether content generated by artificial intelligence is factually correct.

The tool offers a detector function, an FAQ section, an option to integrate it into other products, and contact information.

The FAQ section provides some insights into how the tool works, but the exact methodology is not disclosed due to the need to maintain a competitive advantage.

The tool’s effectiveness can be tested by inputting factually incorrect information generated by AI, though there is currently limited empirical evidence to prove its reliability.

The tool’s developer has disclosed that the current method used on the website is expensive and slow, but they are working on a cheaper and faster method.

Interested parties can contact the developer to explore potential integration into their own products.

The Bullshit Detector serves as a valuable tool for those who rely on AI-generated content and need to ensure factual accuracy.



TrueBees is an AI-based tool that detects deepfakes, AI-generated portraits shared on social media, to combat disinformation and cybercrime. It enables users in the media industry and law firms to easily verify the trustworthiness of images before sharing them. TrueBees utilizes forensic analysis algorithms, blockchain technology, and a synergistic approach to authenticate and securely store analyzed images.

With an impressive accuracy rate of 97.99% on a reference test dataset, TrueBees is the first and only system capable of detecting AI-generated portraits after they have been shared on social media platforms. Its innovative approach based on fine-tuned deep networks overcomes the limitations of existing detectors. Users can choose to verify images directly on the TrueBees platform or integrate it with their own APIs. By providing guarantees on the trustworthiness of images, TrueBees is an essential tool in the fight against deepfakes and disinformation, benefiting lawsuits, news editing, and publishing.

Deepfake Detector

Deepfake Detector

Deepfake Detector is an AI-based tool designed to detect manipulated videos and audios created using AI. Its primary function is to filter out AI-generated deepfakes and determine the authenticity of uploaded videos and audios.

The tool offers expert verification services to enable legal and media professionals to confidently identify false videos and audios, thereby preventing them from spreading misinformation.

To use the tool, users must upload an audio or video file, which the Deepfake Detector then processes to determine whether it is an AI-generated deepfake or a natural video or audio. The resulting analysis shows the probability of the video or audio being an AI-generated deepfake.

The tool has a recommendation feature that advises users to use audio without background music and noise to improve the accuracy of detection.

This tool is ideal for legal and media professionals who rely on authentic videos and audios, as well as anyone who desires to know the truth about the authenticity of a particular video or audio. With the use of Deepfake Detector, users can gain confidence in filtering out the dangers of AI-generated deepfakes and prevent the spread of misinformation.

AI Plagiarism Checker

AI Plagiarism Checker

AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector is an AI-powered tool that helps detect AI-generated content or plagiarism in various types of texts.

The tool uses advanced AI technologies to search for AI-generated or duplicated content within different AI bots and detects whether a text was human-written or created by an AI tool like ChatGPT.

The tool provides accurate results that avoid False Positives, where an AI-written text is wrongly recognized as a human-written text and vice versa.

The AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector is useful for different users like individuals, organizations, higher education institutions, and K-12 schools.

It helps maintain academic integrity by detecting AI-generated plagiarism, promoting honesty and fairness in academic writing.

The tool is also beneficial for SEO purposes, ensuring that websites do not use “auto-generated” content that could affect their ranking or be removed from search engines.

Additionally, it can be used in the recruitment process to filter human-written applications from AI-written ones and help employers select the best candidate.

The AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector has been on the market for eight years and has over 200,000 active users, attesting to its reliability and efficiency.

The tool is completely transparent and secure, saving user texts from being leaked or reused and deleting them after checking.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to add their text and get instant results.

Overall, the tool is a valuable resource for people who want to differentiate between AI-generated or duplicated content and human-written content and promote integrity in various fields.



LiarLiar.AI is an AI tool that utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect lies and heart rate fluctuations through the analysis of micromovements, heart rate, and subtle cues in body language. It provides unprecedented insight into the truth during video calls or video analysis.

With a user-friendly interface, LiarLiar.AI is easy to set up and operate, catering to individuals with minimal tech experience. It is compatible with popular video call software like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, as well as YouTube or local videos, making it versatile in its application.

This tool offers a higher accuracy rating than traditional polygraphs, as it detects micro facial expressions and body language changes that conventional methods often miss. It empowers users of all backgrounds to accurately gauge truthfulness during a video call, eliminating the need for specialized training.

LiarLiar.AI provides instant analysis with real-time AI processing, allowing for immediate adjustment of conversations. The tool is fully wireless, eliminating the need for extra hardware and providing a cost-effective solution.

Analyzed videos are automatically saved in a chosen directory, enabling users to review conversations and analyze any missed cues at their convenience. It is important to note that the legality of using LiarLiar.AI is subject to the necessary permissions and consent of all parties involved. The tool prioritizes privacy by storing analyzed videos on the user’s computer, ensuring that LiarLiar.AI does not have access to the data.

Currently, LiarLiar.AI is compatible with Windows and Mac desktop systems, with a mobile version in development. For a limited time, lifetime access to the beta version is offered at $29.99, providing users early access to the tool and subsequent updates.

Bot Butcher

Bot Butcher

Bot Butcher is an API tool designed to classify spam messages submitted through contact forms on websites. By accurately categorizing incoming messages, Bot Butcher helps reduce the influx of spam messages that reach website owners’ inboxes.

The tool follows a four-step process to handle incoming messages. In Step 1, a human or bot visitor posts a message through the website’s contact form. In Step 2, the message is sent to Bot Butcher for classification using a finely-tuned large language model. In Step 3, Bot Butcher responds with a JSON message, passing non-spam messages along to the user’s CRM or inbox, while dropping the spam messages. Additionally, Bot Butcher provides the message ID for users to update their records accordingly.

Step 4 allows users to audit and access past messages, including their classifications, either through message IDs or by logging into the system. Bot Butcher offers simple and user-friendly documentation to assist users in easily understanding and implementing the tool.

By leveraging Bot Butcher, users can effectively protect their inboxes from spam messages and improve the efficiency of handling contact form submissions.



WriteHuman is a tool that helps transform AI-generated text into human-like writing, enabling users to bypass detection and tracking by AI systems. By leveraging WriteHuman, content creators can ensure their text appears to be written by a human, avoiding identification as AI-generated content. This allows users to enhance their writing skills and maintain privacy while utilizing AI technologies.

The tool operates in three simple steps. First, users copy AI-generated text, whether from ChatGPT, Bard, or any other AI content generator. They then paste the text into If there are specific words or phrases that users want to remain unchanged, they can enclose them in brackets. Finally, by clicking a button, WriteHuman removes AI detection from popular platforms such as Turnitin, ZeroGPT, Writer, and other detectors.

One of the key benefits of WriteHuman is the ability to protect AI privacy. It enables users to submit their content without triggering any alarms on platforms that flag AI-generated text. Additionally, WriteHuman enhances online privacy by eliminating AI tracking, making the content nearly untraceable.

WriteHuman offers multiple pricing plans, including a 7-day free trial for all users. The plans vary in the number of words and requests allowed per month, as well as the level of customer support provided. Users also have the option to submit up to five requests per month for free, with each request limited to 200 words.

Overall, WriteHuman empowers users to control their AI privacy, maintain anonymity, and create seamless content by seamlessly converting AI-generated text into undetectable human writing.



The Realtime Posture Monitoring App on  Mac, known as PostureNet, is an AI-powered tool that monitors and improves posture while working. It is compatible with  Mac devices running Monterey (12.0) with a front camera. The app uses advanced AI technologies such as deep neural networks, on-device training, computer vision, personalized machine learning, depth analysis, and real-time feedback to detect and remind users when they slouch in real-time. It aims to promote better posture, reduce back pain, and improve productivity.

The app offers a personalized experience by accurately detecting and analyzing the user’s unique posture. It prioritizes privacy as all posture data is stored locally on the device and never leaves it. Setup is quick and easy, taking less than a minute to start using the app. It can be used offline without an internet connection since the AI model is trained on-device.

Customers have praised the effectiveness of PostureNet in improving posture and reducing pain. The app offers a full-featured free trial for 72 hours, after which users can choose to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan for continued usage.

PostureNet can also be used on iPhones by selecting the Contiunity Camera mode. Additionally, users can choose to monitor their posture using an external camera if available. In case of changes in camera or environment, the user may need to recalibrate the posture data to ensure accurate detection.

Currently available only for  Mac devices, PostureNet utilizes the advanced ML features of the platform. The app does not collect or share posture data with any external parties. Users teach the app to recognize their individual postures to receive customized reminders. The app also allows users to adjust the frequency of alert messages.

In summary, the Realtime Posture Monitoring App on  Mac, PostureNet, is an AI-powered tool that leverages advanced AI technologies to monitor and improve posture while working, aiming to promote better posture, reduce back pain, and enhance productivity.



Emlo is an AI tool developed by Emotion Logic Ltd that offers real-time genuine emotion analysis and cognitive computing capabilities. It aims to enhance user experiences by providing a deeper understanding of human emotions and utilizing emotion technology to transform applications. With its versatile applications, Emlo can be applied in various industries and use cases.

In the finance industry, Emlo can enhance Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, reduce loan defaults, and boost customer satisfaction. In contact centers, it can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and team retention. The tool is also useful in risk assessment and fraud detection, helping to reduce fraud losses and enhance customer satisfaction.

For HR and security vetting purposes, Emlo can increase successful hiring and employee satisfaction. In machine-human interfaces, it can improve engagement rates and customer satisfaction. In healthcare, it can improve evaluation quality and recovery rates. Additionally, the tool can expedite investigations and reduce time and costs in forensics.

Emlo is also beneficial in the entertainment and match-making industries, increasing successful match rates and identifying bad actors. Moreover, it can be leveraged in research for emotion insights in marketing and academic research.

The tool utilizes advanced voice analysis and AI decision engines to decode genuine emotions from human voices. It works independently of language, culture, prosody, or expressive style, making it accessible and adaptable in any region. The analysis provided by Emlo is unbiased by race, gender, age, or cultural traits, ensuring bias-free insights. Emotion Logic’s AI capabilities enable better predictions of user, customer, patient, or employee behavior, regardless of their role or the language being spoken.

Leading brands across various industries are already leveraging Emlo’s capabilities to drive technology advancements.