games is an innovative platform that empowers users to craft personalized skins for their favorite video games effortlessly, all through a straightforward text prompt.

With a wide array of pricing tiers, including the Noob, Hobbyist, Gamer, and Pro plans, users can access varying numbers of free and additional skin generations at competitive rates.

The Noob plan is complimentary, while the subsequent plans offer 5 free skin generations and 50, 100, or 250 additional skin generations at nominal rates.

Moreover, subscribers gain access to the latest and refined skin generation models, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience.


GGPredict is an AI-driven tool specifically designed for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players that helps users improve their gaming skills. The platform offers personalized training plans, custom-made training maps, training servers, and progress & engagement reports.

With over 400 different statistics, provides detailed insights into gameplay, allowing users to track their progress and engage in training exercises to improve their skills. It is trusted by esports players, coaches, and journalists, making it a reliable resource for CS:GO enthusiasts. is compliant with the GDPR, SSL, and other European Union regulations for data protection and privacy. This ensures that users’ personal information and gaming data are secure and handled with utmost care.

In addition to individual progress tracking, offers users the ability to compare their performance with other players and compete in leaderboards for rewards. This competitive aspect adds an exciting element to the tool, motivating players to strive for improvement and achieve higher rankings.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional CS:GO player, is an ideal tool for all skill levels. It provides comprehensive training resources, personalized plans, and a wealth of statistics to help users enhance their gaming abilities. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to data protection, is a valuable asset for any CS:GO player looking to elevate their gameplay.



Ludo AI is a platform designed to assist game developers with game research and design by incorporating AI technology. It offers various tools to help game developers streamline their ideation process, including the ability to generate game concepts, search for games and images that match specific criteria, and monitor daily game trends.

With Ludo AI, game developers can also easily store all their research, game ideas, and game elements into a simple-to-use Game Concept document. The platform’s AI-powered games search feature empowers developers to sort through, filter and analyze millions of games, game icons, and game screenshots to stay ahead of market trends effortlessly.

Ludo AI also helps team collaboration by providing well-organized documents to share with stakeholders easily. The platform’s AI tools assist game developers in creating new characters, mechanics, and stories, reducing the time required for game design by 50%. It is a comprehensive platform that offers everything required for game creation in a single platform, making it a valuable tool for game developers looking to 10x their productivity.

Overall, Ludo AI is an excellent solution for developers to create top-charting games easily.



Kwizie is an AI quiz game maker designed to transform passive video consumption into engaging multiplayer quizzes. With Kwizie, users can easily create interactive quiz games from any video content and share them with others through a QR code or a unique link.

The platform is trusted by educators, learners, and content creators, offering data-driven learning through its powerful analytics dashboard. Kwizie stands out for its ability to rapidly assess learning from various types of video content, allowing users to make data-driven optimizations and refine their delivery strategies.

Unlike traditional methods of designing interactive activities or investing in expensive services and materials, Kwizie offers a cheaper, easier, and faster solution. It optimizes its AI for educational excellence by utilizing novel algorithms and the best AI models available. The platform is designed to be used on-the-fly, accessible anywhere on major device types, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Kwizie’s multiplayer quiz games offer a fun way for friends, colleagues, or students to interact and learn together. Users can try out the platform for free and take advantage of the extensive library of video content from leading experts in various domains. Kwizie’s impact has been recognized by renowned experts in education worldwide, who praise its ease of use and time-saving capabilities. The platform has also received awards and features from prestigious organizations and events in the education and technology industries.

By revolutionizing video-based learning, Kwizie aims to enhance engagement and promote effective learning outcomes.



AssetsAI is a unique AI-powered game asset library that provides users with access to original and unique game assets. It offers a pay-per-asset model, with prices starting at $2.99, allowing users to own assets forever.

The library is updated on a weekly basis and includes a variety of assets, such as helmets, coats of arms, armor, guns, grenades, crossbows, hammers, swords, blades, shields, characters, spaceships, and treasure chests. Additionally, the library features exclusive and limited drops every week.

The library is designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive website and categorization of assets. Privacy and terms of use are available on the website, as well as contact information and links to the Twitter page. AssetsAI is owned by DevKrishna and all copyright is reserved under the name.

Chess AI

Chess AI

Chess AI is an AI tool named Betafish.js that is specifically designed for web-based applications. It is written in JavaScript and operates directly in the browser, eliminating the need for any additional hardware or software installations. Users can enjoy playing against a chess AI without any hassle.

This AI tool utilizes the FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation) standard to keep track of the game state and make moves accordingly. It ensures accurate and strategic gameplay, providing users with a challenging experience.

In addition to its powerful AI capabilities, Betafish.js also offers a customizable chessboard component built with CSS and HTML. This allows users to personalize their gaming experience and make it visually appealing. The tool also provides a set of staunty pieces and markers sprites, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the game.

Users have the flexibility to configure the AI’s thinking time, allowing them to adjust the difficulty level according to their preference. Furthermore, Betafish.js enables users to take back any move they make, providing a convenient feature for learning and improving their chess skills.

For those interested in exploring and modifying the inner workings of the tool, the source code for Betafish.js is available on Github. This transparency allows developers to understand and customize the AI to suit their specific needs. Betafish.js was developed by Gavin, ensuring a reliable and well-maintained tool for chess enthusiasts and developers alike.



Unprompted is an A.I. image guessing game that challenges users to guess the words used to create A.I. images. The game is simple to play – users type words into a text box and press “Guess” to submit. If the guess is correct, the words will appear in place of blanks. Three new images are available to play every day.

The “Yesterday” tab allows players to view the answers from previous days. Unprompted also features social media sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and ShareThis. These buttons allow users to share their progress with friends and family.

Unprompted is a fun, engaging way to learn more about A.I. and hone creative thinking skills.



Quizgecko is a powerful AI-powered quiz generator that allows users to generate unique and interesting quizzes from any text or URL in just seconds. It is suitable for use with text content such as books, articles, documents, websites, and even technical documentation.

The AI-powered quiz generator features multiple question types such as multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill in the blank. It also allows users to set the difficulty level of questions and the number of questions, as well as to select the language of the quiz.

For extra convenience, Quizgecko also offers a Chrome extension that quickly turns any web page into a quiz. For best results, users can export their Powerpoint files to PDF first before uploading them to the quiz generator.

In addition, Quizgecko offers a Pro feature that allows users to input up to 5,000 characters for more accurate results and generate quizzes up to 10 questions. This feature also allows users to access all languages, including Abkhazian, Achinese, and Adangme.



ChessGPTPage is an AI-powered chess game that allows users to play against the all-mighty ChatGPT. This game is in early beta, meaning that it is still being tested and improved upon by the developers.

The game is capable of summoning pieces out of thin air, putting multiple pieces on one square, and forgetting move sequences after a while. However, it may also refuse moves and the servers are unreliable.

This game is created by Ucrash and is owned by OpenAI, with all trademarks used being property of their respective owners. Report any bugs to the provided Discord link.



Orbofi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) content creation platform that empowers users to create, search, and sell AI-generated assets, virtual goods, and community orbs. With a wide range of tools available, users can effortlessly produce various types of content, including 2D game assets, characters, concept art, graphics, and media assets. These assets can be tokenized on the blockchain, allowing for seamless transactions using cryptocurrency.

One of the standout features of Orbofi is the ability for users to establish their own virtual good factories. These factories can rapidly generate hundreds of assets within minutes, providing users with a highly efficient content creation process. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who require a large volume of assets for their projects.

Orbofi also serves as a hub for AI-generated gaming and media assets, accompanied by their prompts, enabling users to easily search and discover a vast array of content. All assets available on the platform are created using cutting-edge AI-generated technologies, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-e, Octane Render, and UnReal Engine 5. This ensures that the assets produced are of exceptional quality, boasting hyper-detailed, cinematic, and photo-realistic images.

In summary, Orbofi is a powerful AI tool that revolutionizes content creation by providing users with the means to generate, search, and sell AI-generated assets and virtual goods. With its diverse range of creation tools, blockchain integration, and access to a vast library of AI-generated assets, Orbofi offers an unparalleled platform for creators in the gaming and media industries.