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Enhance Conversations with TalkinBrain!
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Are you tired of struggling to find the right words during conversations?

Introducing TalkinBrain, the customizable chat prompts app that revolutionizes communication with AI tools.

Designed to enhance your user experience and bring joy to every conversation, TalkinBrain offers a range of features to make chatting effortless and enjoyable.

With the Prompt Gallery, frequently used prompts are organized for easy access, while customizable prompts allow you to personalize your chat experience like never before.

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple conversations – TalkinBrain’s tab functionality enables seamless multitasking, ensuring you never lose track.

Finding and accessing important messages is a breeze with bookmarking and spotlight search features.

For a one-time purchase fee of $14.90 USD, you gain lifetime access to all the incredible features TalkinBrain has to offer.

Created by Peter Papp, this user-friendly app prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, providing regular updates and support.

Experience the joy and efficiency of chatting with ChatGPT using TalkinBrain. Get started today!


TalkinBrain is a custom ChatGPT app designed to enhance the user experience and make conversation more joyful. The app offers a range of features to improve chat interactions and streamline communication.

Key Features:
– Prompt Gallery: Organizes frequently used prompts for easy access, improving efficiency in conversations.
– Customizable Prompts: Allows users to personalize their chat experience, making it more tailored to their preferences.
– Tab Functionality: Enables multitasking by allowing users to juggle multiple conversations simultaneously without losing track.
– Bookmarking and Spotlight Search: Makes it easier to find and access important messages, enhancing organization and efficiency.

Pricing and Access:
– OpenAI API Key: The app requires an OpenAI API Key to function properly.
– One-time Purchase Fee: Users can gain lifetime access to all features of TalkinBrain for a one-time fee of $14.90 USD.

Creator and Support:
– Designed by Peter Papp: The app’s creator prioritized a user-friendly interface, simplicity, and efficiency in its design.
– Regular Updates and Support: The creator offers regular updates and support to ensure the app remains optimized and bug-free.

Important Considerations:
– Built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API: TalkinBrain relies on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API for its functionality.
– API Key and Token Usage: Users must have a functioning API Key and pay for the tokens used when applying the API Key.

In conclusion, TalkinBrain offers a joyful and efficient chatting experience for users of ChatGPT. With its range of features and user-friendly design, it aims to enhance conversations and make communication more enjoyable.


  • Enhanced user experience and more joyful conversations
  • Prompt Gallery for easy access to frequently used prompts
  • Customizable prompts for personalized chat experience
  • Tab functionality for multitasking and managing multiple conversations
  • Bookmarking and spotlight search features for finding and accessing important messages

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